Paddington Capsule, Laurier (Green) - HTF???

  1. I'm usually an MJ girl - this is actually my first post in the Chloe sub-forum. I have an original Paddington from 2005 in the Khaki green color - my SA called me this morning to let me know she had a Chloe Capsule in Laurier (Green) marked down to $497. Now even I know that's a great price!!! I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to get it. For one, I'm concerned that the color/style is just too close/similar to my Khaki Paddy. In all honesty, I haven't used my Paddy for quite some time - A lot of it has to do w/the weight (I just can't take that lock off & it adds so much weight!) but also becuz I've gotten so many other new bags, but I know it's a classic style (and one of the first ones) so I don't have any plans to get rid of it. I'm also not that familiar w/the style. I haven't really looked at Chloe bags for quite some time & the ones I have seen are more like "traditional" Paddys.

    Here's my question to you Chloe "experts": Is this bag really worth it if you already own a Paddington? Are they different enough to justify buying a second one (if Chloe isn't your "normal" designer of choice)?? Is this color HTF? I think the color's gorgeous and it's one of the main draws of the bag - What are the thoughts on the chain/padlock across the front?? Is it a nuisance? Does it get in the way??

    I know asking you to be unbiased is like asking me to be unbiased about MJ!! But I really need to decide - I don't want to get it just becuz it's a good deal. The bag has to be totally worth it (if an MJ I really want pops up in the next week or so, I'd have to pass if I buy this Chloe!!) Any thoughts on this color/style would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanx in advance -

    BTW - here's the Capsule bag (borrowed from eBay):


    And attached is my Khaki Paddy (I don't have a pic of Mine, so here's one of Nicky Hilton w/hers for reference)
  2. It is a good deal, but that aside it really is a great bag. I think it's very different from the "traditional" paddy, from the size of the lock to the weight difference. I think you should go for it, you can always return if you decide you don't like it.
  3. I absolutley LOVE the colour of this bag. I think it is TDF! but it might be too similar to the one you already have. But like Ali said you could always buy and return it if it is too similar!!
  4. Unfortunately, it's a Final Sale - if I buy it, it's mine & I don't want the hassle of reselling it. Otherwise it would be an easy decision.
  5. I have this bag and love it but I have to say it is heavy - sometimes I feel like it's heavier than my regular paddy. The style is very different and I get a lot of compliments on it and that is a great price! Good luck on your decision.
  6. you know, I saw your post & pics about this same bag - I was hoping you would post a comments here!

    You really think it's almost as heavy (if not more) than the regular Paddy? Is that because of the leather or the hardware or what? Isn't this leather different than the original Paddy?? I find the leather on my Khaki bag is very thick, a little pebbly (textured) and very squishy. The leather on the capsule looks smoother - is it as thick? Since I haven't seen it IRL yet, I don't know what to expect.
  7. Nice bag at a good price, these capsule bags are heavy, I am looking at the tote, and it seems weighty, but it is quite a bit bigger. Good luck with your decision, if it wasn't a final sale.......:hrmm:
  8. The leather is beautiful on this bag but not the smooshy paddington leather. I would say it's a little stiffer but still has character. I just took both of them out and it's hard to say but they definitely weigh about the same. I can't figure out why since the lock on the capsule is much smaller but the capsule does have a chain so that must be adding to it. I still love it but I didn't have a green bag in my collection so it was great to go away from all my black bags. The price is great - I got mine for 60% off and have no regrets. Let us know what you decide.
  9. I Was Very Much In Love With The Capsule Until I Bought One. I Found That The Leather Has A Tendency To "curl Up" As It's Definitely Not The Type Of Leather Of The Paddington Which Holds Its Shape. After Some Days Of Being Stored Upright, I Did Not Like The Way It Looked (the Curling) And Returned It. It's A Matter Of Taste - Some Ladies Would Not Mind Thin Leather With The Possibility Of A Change In Look And Shape;other Ladies Prefer This Look.
  10. Wow - can you describe further how the leather curls up - I haven't had that happen to mine.
  11. the capsule is great, they are ment to lighter and they look very different from the original paddy esp with the smaller lock and chain feature. i would get it esp for that price im trying to find one my self at the moment!
  12. I just bought an elephant capsule and can tell you they are no lighter than regular paddies. If you don't use your khaki paddy, you will not use the capsule. Even at a great price, if you dont use the bag, it is money that could be used later for a bag you will love so i would pass.
  13. I think sometimes sales make us consider bags we wouldn't normally choose to buy. Ask urself if you'd consider it if it wasn't on sale, if not ur probably not in love with the bag.

    Don't let a great deal land you with an expensive bag you don't love. And like lionlaw says if u don't use ur regualr paddy you probably wouldn't use this.