Paddington Cake!!!

  1. I was just browsing for cake decorating ideas and came across this!!! How divine is this?! Especially for a Paddy owner, hehehe. Too bad it's only available in the UK, it's made by a UK bakery, The Cake Fairy.

    Just thought I'd share the smile that it brought to my face :yes:

  2. Sorry can't see the pic just a red cross!
  3. See if this works.
    Paddington Cake.jpg
  4. ^OMG!!!!that looks so delicious...
    and of course, it seems buttery:p
  5. hahahah that is amazing
  6. I've seen a Bay cake in the Mandarin Oriental cake shop (Hong Kong)... :p
  7. That's so cute!!! :roflmfao:
  8. That cake is amazing!
  9. That looks too good to eat!

    It looks better than some of the fakes on eBay too.
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. I'm pretty sure it's not authentic, sorry - the teardropped shaped pieces of leather look too big, to me and the 'rings' look.....oops, sorry, wrong thread! :shame:
  12. That's Just Awesome!!!!
  13. Thanks riffraff, I couldn't get my first pic to work. :biggrin:
  14. hee hee, great thread. Colleen (footballer wayne rooneys partner) also had a paddy on top of her 21st wedding cake.

    I will try and dig out a piccie of that too.

    oooh feeling pecking now :biggrin:
  15. here we go, hope you can see it :biggrin: