Paddington Box or Satchel?

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  1. I really LOVE my Chloe Kerala & although I didn't plan on buying another big $$ bag this year, I am SO tempted by the Paddington!

    I love Chloe bags!

    At the Neiman Marcus site there are two bags, the Box in Chocolate & the Satchel in Whiskey.

    My Kerala is in Whiskey but still...the bags are different enough & the color is so versatile...but, I like the look of the Box...& the dark chocolate color!

    Does anyone know the measurements on the Box? How does it compare with the Satchel in size?

    Anyone want to sway me one way or the other?? :idea:

  2. Oh the satchel in Whiskey, I will live vicariously through you. That is my dream bag!!! It's soooo beautiful, get it! :-P
  3. Definitely the satchel in whiskey! I have one and I love it :nuts: I really don't like the look of any of the other paddy styles, only the original satchel. Who cares if you have another whiskey bag? :P It's a great color.
  4. Ditto!
  5. i saw the box and it's sooo pretty in chocolate. costs 1500 though, if i didn't already have 2 paddingtons, i might get one!
  6. Both awesome bags but if I didn't already have the regular satchel, that would be it for me. Otherwise, the Bowler is a fun change (I have one in black).
  7. Hi Charlotte- I vote for the Box! I saw it in person and that chocolate color is soooo gorgeous- and great size too! They are both beautiful but in my opinion the box is more special! :smile:
  8. I have both the satchel in whiskey and the box in chocolate and I love them equally, but the box is SO cute. If you have a need for the outside pockets the box pockets are smaller and don't fit as much as the satchel. Here's some pics of my box (not stuffed with tissue paper like the photo on NM).

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  9. How can you tell a Paddington is fake on eBay?
  10. LOL at your username! That's a great one!! :lol: :lol:

    Regarding fakes: price is a sure sign of a fake - even used bags sell for over $1K. Leather and hardware is also a factor but you have to have a keen eye to spot the differences on the really good fakes. Familiarize yourself with the reputable sellers or shop retail. There are too many fakes on ebay to take a chance. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is fake.
  11. Thanks for the opinions everybody! I read the first two comments when they showed up & then dashed over to the Neiman Marcus site & bought the Satchel! :smile:

    I know I will love it...

    Roey, I love your Box! Seeing it without the stuffing is great...I almost wish I bought it but maybe next? :smile: It has that floppier look that I really like.

    Oh, I can't wait till the "box man" shows up! :smile:

    Oh another thing...does anyone use the Lucky Rewards plan? I just signed up & I bought the Paddy through their link so should get 4% back on a debit card...
  12. Ok, thanks...Yes, I am shopping on eBay at the mo because I have no money left!!!
    I am looking for a Le Dix, Muse or Paddy...
    There only seems to be a few YSL Muse's on eBay, perhaps this is a safer option...YSL Muse's are so new, surely the more expensive ones on eBay at the moment are real...
    Is there anyone out there who can spot a fake YSL oversize Muse?
    Thanks ever so much!
  13. Wow, that Lucky plan sounds pretty darn good! :nuts:

    Actually, my Whiskey Paddy is more slouchy than the box, but you really don't want a super slouchy Box because it will distort the shape. In this style, a little bit of structure is better! :P The Box zippers go all the way down the bag so it is deeper than the satchel even though it is a bit shorter in width. It is such a cute bag and fun to carry! Definitely try it next but don't wait too long because I'm not sure if Chloe will continue this style in future seasons. And if they do, the price will surely increase (since the satchel price is going up). I kinda "damaged" my NM charge to add this one to my collection and am working my tail off to pay for it, but no regrets (yet anyway). :nuts:
  14. Congrats Charlotte!!! You'll just love the whiskey Paddy! Ok, I have one so I'm biased, lol! But she really is gorgeous. I really like the chocolate colour too but not so much the Box style. So, great choice on the satchel!!!

    Oh and we want pics!