Paddington Box or Bowler

  1. Anyone know where i can still find this style? they have a whiskey one on styledrops but i prefer chocolate, blanc or blue nuit.....TIA :flowers:
  2. sweetsparkle, do get the blue nuit! That color is gorgeous!
  3. I could have been given the wrong information, but when I called around today asking about blue nuit I was told that the color is not being made with their new bags. I love the color as well.
  4. really? oh that's too bad because blue nuit is such a unique color. and it seems hard to find the box style lately. seems stores like aloha rag and Net-A-Porter are only offering this style in gold or silver which i don't want.
  5. i'm the same as you sweetsparkle, it's a shame it seems like they pulled the style!