Paddington Boston Bag - Yay or Nay?

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  1. Thoughts?

    I like the style but the leather looks so hard and stiff *sigh!

    *Pics from
    chloe boston.jpg
  2. it looks sooooooo heavy! :biguns:
  3. I agree with D&G - you make break an arm!
  4. I do not like it at all. Plus it seems like it has some moustache.
  5. Hmmm... not feeling this style.
  6. yay for me, but I think it's the color making me say that!
  7. Saw it today, loved it. But yeah, it does. Oh well, do we need all the same Paddy leather?

    Yay. Want one someday, but not in white.
  8. Yay to style! Love the colour too! Nay to the weight though! I won't be able to put anything in coz it's be like having suitcase on my arm.
  9. It looks kind of like an out of proportion doctor's bag? Too busy (and probably too heavy) for me.
  10. I like it a lot, but I like hardware on my bags.
  11. Love the look, but afraid it would be too heavy.
  12. I think NAP calls the same design the double-zip. NAP describes theirs as being mouse-coloured. I like the design a lot – I'm not sure why it would be any heavier than the box/bowler style of past seasons?
  13. I love it personally! How much more could it possibly weigh than the regular paddy? Does anyone know? I would buy it. I really like it!
    (but I bought my first paddy last night... a chocolate one!! AAAHHHH!! SO EXCITED!!)
  14. Congratulations hsensi!

    I like the look of the doctor bag but also don't like the stiff leather. If you like large bags I would go for a large Betty instead.
  15. I agree - me likey, although it does look heavy.:yes: