Paddington Bleu Clair on LVR now!

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  1. Its my understanding that jeans moyen and bleu claire are the same color. And its no different, LVR just calls them classic colors for whatever reason.
  2. I think the bleu clair is the same as the light blue or jeans moyen color. It is a beautiful color. Here is a pic of one outside in natural light.

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  3. Georgeous. Is this the baby paddy?
  4. Ah right, thanks all. It is pretty. How come it's slightly cheaper than the new Paddys?
  5. I have no idea why it is slightly cheaper. When I ordered mine from Ron Herman it was $1480 while the new ones are now $1500. But don't knock it! The color is AMAZING! I sent mine back because the shape was wrong for me, but I was so in love with the color! If they come out with a larger bag in the light blue I will pounce on it!
  6. ^^Retail is $1540 USD for the new paddys. Since I bought mine from Chloe SCP at least I avoided taxes.

    Taxes will kill you - I ordered and returned a tan paddy to Neiman's the taxes were over $73. :Push:
  7. My payment to LVR went through (at last) and posted to my account. I know I will still have to pay around $120 to customs, but the total for my big pocket Paddy was $1284. If I had bought it in the states (or from NAP) I would have paid $1860!

  8. Holy cannoli - that is some price difference :blink: :blink:

    oh, and I can't wait to see pictures. :nuts:
  9. I KNOW! I returned my blue Paddy to Ron Herman and got a much more expensive (and larger) bag for less money! Such a deal! I will post pics as soon as it gets here...don't worry!
  10. Clair means "Light", "pure"
  11. Great deal on the big paddy. Aren't you the proud owner of a ron herman store credit now though?
  12. Aww not knocking it at all! How could I diss a paddy, no matter the colour? :amuse:

    Hope your bag arrives soon ET!
  13. You do? Why's that? I didn't know that! :amazed:
  14. New bag is here! Pics posted on separate thread.:nuts: Oh, and I meant don't knock getting it for a lower price! If you can find a deal, I say go for it!:biggrin: