Paddington Bags - Soon to arrive. . .

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  1. I had sent an email asking Net-A-Porter about their selection they will be recieving. Just thought you ladies would like to know incase you havent gotten one yet or just need a few more! Check with them often you never know when they will pop up. Here is what they said.

    "The Chloe Paddington bag is the It bag of the
    > moment!
    > We are expecting some different colours and styles
    > which
    > should be arriving from December.
    > We will receive the mini Paddington in light silver
    > and tan; the
    > standard size Paddington in dark silver, light blue,
    > whisky, black,
    > chocolate and white and the new tote version in dark
    > silver, and black,
    > as well as a shoulder bag style in dark red. "
  2. Yes Yes Yes!!!
  3. yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  4. does anyone know how much the mini version retails for? anyone have one? share some pics??
  5. They retail at $1310 . Trying to get a pic.
  6. pretty cute proportions. something new to look forward to get! is it crazy to have 4 different versions of the same bag? diff colors, sizes etc? how many paddington's does everyone have? i think issmom says she has 3? heehee.
  7. :wacko:
    Too cute!
    I will hopefully have 3, but I think we are getting out of control!!!!!:wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  8. yup, i think so too! i hope we all still love this bag this time next year!
  9. yay!!!!!! can we preorder??
  10. The mini paddy is the one I want :love: Aloha Rag had it in the dark red color, but I don't think it's available anymore. Glad to hear NAP will have it in tan, I'll have to look out for it.