Paddington available now!

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  1. If you're looking for a Paddy in the new spring colors, my SA at Nordstrom Valley Fair (San Clara, CA) just called me yesterday to let me know that they them in stock now. I'm going there after work to check them out eventhough I don't plan to buy another one. Just wanna see the colors. I'm actually waiting for the wallets and thinking about getting a Silverado. :smile:
  2. Please let us know what colors they have available for both the paddingtons and silverados. Thx. :nuts:
  3. I used my Grenat Paddington again today. I love it .:love: :love: :love:
  4. I saw 2 Paddingtons, one chocolate brown and one whisky. Also saw 3 Silverados, in tan, black and a black doctors. I was told they also got the light blue paddy but it sold out already. I love the tan Silverado but I think I will wait a bit since I just got my Balenciaga.
  5. i just went to nordstorm and bought the dark chocolate color one. i was really really surprised that they have paddington in stock, and the price is $20 less than the price listed on neiman marcus website. ($1480 in Nordstorm and $1500 in Neiman Marcus.)
    the sales lady told me that they can order the light blue color for me if i really want it. but i think the dark chocolate color is pretty and light blue (in my personal opinion) is a bit too "spring-ish".

    :biggrin: happy shopping!
  6. Is your dark chocolate the one with the dark lining or beige lining?
  7. Thanks for the report! :amuse:
  8. That's the color I have (Chocolate). It's wonderful!
  9. oooohhhhh i want one soooo bad!
  10. I saw the dark chocolate paddy at Saks and tried it on me. That was my first time I encounter the Paddy and I must say it's gorgeous! It's growing on me..
  11. BTW, they also have the Betty and the new canvas logo bag in stock. And the Paddys are still there.
  12. hello, the one i bought is with dark lining.

    actually i went back to the store again, and found they also had the silverado in tan color... it looks great too.

    question -- ladies, dark chocolate paddy and tan silverado, which one will you pick?

    they still have one dark chocolate paddy but the whiskey color paddy was sold.

    (i might return the paddy and buy the silverado... can't decide.)

    :biggrin: Happy Shopping!
  13. Dark chocolate paddy over tan silverado!!
  14. Hi :smile:
    I have a question for the ladies who own both the Anthracite and the Whiskey (or any with the gold tone padlock/key).
    How do they compare in terms of the hardwares?
    I got the Whiskey on Wednesday from Neiman Marcus and at a closer look, it seems the metal part of the padlock&key could easily be scratched, or that the gold tone might come off :worried:
    So I'm wondering if the padlock/key from the Anthracite is less prone to discoloration/scratch, etc...
  15. I think I must go see one of those paddies one of these days. They already looking good in pictures.