PADDINGTON Authentication Tips ~ NO CHATTER

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    INFORMATION ONLY THREAD! If you have any questions, please post in the Authenticate This Chloe thread.

    I'm going to try to collect as much information regarding identifying real Chloes so we can have at least some staple tips. It seems like a lot of mis-information is provided on the authentification thread. So far we have:

    1) Leather: Paddington leather is smooshy and the texture is not uniform. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE WAY TO TELL A FAKE! Fakes often times have very smooth leather. Stiff. Some super fakes might have pebbled leather but it is uniformed pebbling. The pebbling on an authentic piece is not uniformed. It may be uniformed on the front side but you'll notice it won't be on the back or sides. If you notice that there is no break in the uniformity of the leather than the bag is likely a fake. Once you touch a real paddington vs. a fake paddington you will instantly be able to tell the difference!

    2) Hardware: Not all paddy zippers have the YKK engravement. Some '05 models came without. Some 2006 paddingtons have YKK on some parts but not on some other parts. It is not consistent. When should you worry? When the zippers come marked "Lampo" or some other zipper brand.

    3) Hardware: *most* 2005 paddingtons have plastic teeth while 2006 paddingtons have metal teeth. Some 2006 have plastic and some 2005 have metal. It's not consistent and therefore should not be used for authentification purposes. One thing for sure, the leather tab attached to the interior zipper is unmarked. Your bag should also zip easily with no catch.

    4) Serial #s/Date Stamps: Some Chloes have date stamps (02.53.06), some have serial #'s (01-06-51-5267). Some serial numbers are separated by dots, some hyphens. The tag can be on the left interior pocket or the right interior pocket. There isn't a good consistency with serial least not good enough to use for authentification purposes. Some authentic bags don't even come with serial numbers! We can either guess that the quality control over at Chloe is terrible or they are, on purpose, not providing a "staple" characteristic in which fakes can copy. Click here to see some photos of serial numbers:

    5) Interior Lining: Some 2005 interior lining is a different color than 2006. For example, the chocolate 2005 has beige interior lining while some chocolate 2006's have brown lining. One consistency however, is that the lining is corduroy and has lines running through it. Even then there is a debate on how big or thick the lines should be. 2005 interior lining is thinner than 2006 lining. The thicker lining is partially the reason why 2006 paddingtons are more "erect" or "stiff" than 2005 bags.

    6) Heat Stamps: Chloe heat stamps on the padlock and interior bag are not deep and bolded. This is an easy give away too. Note how deep the heat stamping is on the padlock and interior of the bag. Chloe does not do deep imprints.

    7)Padlock: If you hold the padlock with the Chloe stamp facing right side up the round side of the key insert is on top. It resembles how a child would draw a tree, with the big rounded leaves on top. Ones with an upside down tree are fake. Fakes produce locks that are super shiny. Real locks are deep matted brass.

    8) Padlock: Padlocks from different seasons are different. 2006 padlocks are smaller than 2005 padlocks. The font is different. The weight is different ('06 lighter than '05). They are even made of different material. 2005 padlocks are made of 100% brass while 2006 padlocks are made of 50% brass and 50% zamac.

    9) Padlocks: Stitching on padlocks can vary. Most 2005 padlock stitching is straight. Some 2006 padlock stitching can be a slight angle. Some even come at an extreme angle. But even these can vary season to season!

    10) Rivets(circular tabs that attach your handles to the bag) should be 1 peg under 2.5 inches at the widest point. All of my paddingtons including the paddingtons in the store that I have measured have been right on with this measurement.

    11) External Tags: Chloe purchase tags (the rounded tags you get with the bag) should tell you the serial number, what the brass & leather is made of and the color of the bag. The description comes in English and then French.

    ***Also, maybe we can clarify some other de bunkers. Add the ones you are 100% confident in:yes:*** __________________
  2. I hope you ladies don't mind me using your photos to showcase the way a paddy is suppose to look like! More to come, hold on!

    Picture 1: Fake smooth leather
    Picture 2: Fake smooth leather
    Picture 3: Fake smooth leather
    Picture 4: Fake smooth leather
    Picture 5: Authentic Smooshy leather (piperlu's)
    Picture 6: Authentic Smooshy leather side view (piperlu's)
    Picture 7: Authentic Smooshy leather side view
    Picture 8: Authentic Smooshy leather bottom (piperlu's)
    tpfchloeall01.jpg tpfchloeall02.jpg tpfchloeall03.jpg tpfchloeall04.jpg tpfchloeall05.jpg tpfchloeall06.jpg tpfchloeall07.jpg tpfchloeall08.jpg
  3. Picture 1: Authentic 2005 Plastic Teeth
    Picture 2: Authentic 2006 Metal Teeth
    Picture 3: Fake Shiney Padlock
    Picture 4: Fake Shiney Padlock
    Picture 5: AuthenticPadlock (chloe-babe's)
    Picture 7: Authentic Padlock
    Picture 8: Authentic Padlock
    Picture 9: 2005 padlock (100% brass); 2006 padlock (50% brass, 50% zamac). The 2006 is smaller.

    Notice the different angles on the authentic padlocks.
    tpfchloeall09.jpg tpfchloeall10.jpg tpfchloeall11.jpg tpfchloeall12.jpg tpfchloeall13.jpg tpfchloeall14.jpg tpfchloeall15.jpg tpfchloeall16.jpg
  4. The placement of screws on bottom of padlocks where keyhole is differ. I have 3 different positions of the screws among my 5 Paddys.
  5. Picture 1: Authentic 9 digit Serial Number
    Picture 2: Authentic Date Stamp
    Picture 3: Corduroy Lining

    Notice the Corduroy Lining
    tpfchloeall17.jpg tpfchloeall18.jpg tpfchloeall19.jpg
  6. Picture 1: Authentic Paddington with YKK
    Picture 2: Authentic Paddington with no YKK on the same spot
    Picture 3: Authentic Bottom Tag
    Picture 4: Authentic Top Tag
    Picture 5: More authentic tags
    tpfchloeall20.jpg tpfchloeall21.jpg tpfchloeall22.jpg tpfchloeall23.jpg tpfchloeall24.jpg
  7. Picture 1: Fake Upside down Padlock
    Picture 2: Authentic Right Side Up Padlock
    Picture 3: Authentic Nameplate
    Picture 4: Authentic Nameplate
    tpfchloeall25.jpg tpfchloeall26.jpg tpfchloeall27.jpg tpfchloeall28.jpg
  8. Picture 1: Fake Interior Heat Stamp (too thick and bold) Also note how the circular tabs on the nameplate are located to much in the interior. They should be right up against the corner.
    Picture 2: Authentic Interior Heat Stamp
    Picture 3: Authentic Interior Heat Stamp
    Picture 4: Fake Padlock Heat Stamp (too thick and bold)
    Picture 5: Authentic Padlock Heat Stamp
    Picture 6: Authentic Padlock Heat Stamp
    tpfchloeall29.jpg tpfchloeall30.jpg tpfchloeall31.jpg tpfchloeall32.jpg tpfchloeall33.jpg tpfchloeall34.jpg
  9. more...

    Picture 1: Fake Heatstamp (thick and bold)
    Picture 2: Fake Heatstamp (thick and bold)
    Picture 3: Fake Heatstamp (thick and bold)

    Paddingtons are the one thing you don't want to be thick and bold! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    (Ahem...clears throat....) :shame:
    tpfchloeall35.jpg tpfchloeall36.jpg tpfchloeall37.jpg
  10. lordguinny
    Thank you so much for gathering all these info!

    Btw, my bag has date stamps 03-05-53 on it and i got it from Aloha Rag.

    this is just my guess, ok....please don't laugh at me if i'm wrong...

    First pair of digits means seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
    Second pair is the year of manufacturing: 2005
    Last pair.....I haven't figer it out yet, could be the 53rd day of the season, 53rd batch, or just a number represent a particular Chloe factory. Anyone care to share their opinion?
  11. This is such a useful thread, great idea!! :P :yahoo:

    I'm adding here few points with pictures of my authentic taupe paddy:

    The rings on the zippers are thicker in authentic paddys, and they get a bit narrower on the part that they attach to zip. The rings in fakes are thin all around (without any narrower part) - sorry the pic is a bit blurry but as you you can see there's definitely a narrower part on a thick ring in auth paddy

    Also he handle looks different in most fakes I've seen, they have somekind of "leather ball" or something if you look inside the handle - as you can there's nothing inside there in auth bag, there's only a wrinkle! :yes::flowers:

    EDIT / Gosh I just read about hallmarking - chloe-babe is right! I dunno hw to do it :sad:
    Ring.JPG the handle.JPG
  12. Here's 10 digits serial code in my taupe paddy.... I haven't seen this kind serial code in any other paddy but it's from LVR so it's definitely authentic :yes:

    It has these blocks in between the numbers, sorry picture is blurry but I hope shows well enough :P
  13. Here's some pics of a fake bag for comparison (this bag belongs to me, bought long before i knew what to look out for)

    Note how the bag seems to stand up by itself - and when it does slouch, the leather looks the same.

    Upside down lock on the padlock...!! (Pic 1)

    Pics 3, 4 and 5 were taken by the original seller.

    Hope they are of some help on what to AVOID.:flowers:
    chloe side.jpg chloe bagpadlock.jpg 6c_1_b.jpg c3_1_b.jpg 9d_1_b.jpg
  14. Hi guys! I know that all the paddy owners will be able to pick out the real one ... but I wanted to show pics to help those planning to buy their first paddy on Ebay and may have never seen a real one IRL. Here's some pics to show what people should be looking for ... hope you guys have fun! Let me know which pics are the fake and which are the authentic one?
    DSC_0013.JPG DSC_0035.JPG DSC_0034.JPG DSC_0032.JPG DSC_0017.JPG DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0031.JPG DSC_0026.JPG DSC_0043.JPG
  15. Most of the fakes don't get the edge paint right.. so right there is your dead giveaway... at least for me.