Paddington at LVR

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  1. I just want to say that you girls make me want one so badly! :love:

    I've been perusing the old posts but I don't think I have it all down about ordering at LVR. Plus, is it just me or is the site a bit wacky? You'll have to go a certain way to pull up all the Chloe bags.

    Anyway, after hearing all the raves about ordering at LVR, I saw this . So my question is, for a retail price of € 1045.00, what IS the bottom line in USD on this after shipping/custom, etc. if it's being shipped to the U.S.?

    I'm also considering a mini paddington in the same color (or in off-white or any "pastel" color), but I couldn't find any at LVR (besides the metallic ones). I'm more of a small bags kinda girl so I'm afraid the regular size one would be a bit too big for me. Is the mini around the same price as the regular one?

    Thanks girls, I'm so glad I can count on you guys for advice! :nuts:
  2. It's actually cheaper than the 1045 because that includes the VAT which isn't applied to US residents. Heres the breakdown on a 1065 euro bag so bear in mind it will be a few dollars cheaper for a 1045 bag.

    Without VAT = 887 euros = 1061.41 USD
    Plus 50 euros shipping = 59.82 USD
    Fedex fees + customs tax = $120
    Grand total of 1241.23 give or take a few dollars.

    Baby paddies are cheaper but not by a whole lot.
  3. Thanks for the breakdown. I'm wondering about this as well.

    Do they take credit cards? I thought I read somewhere they only take telegraphic transfers, is that right? Coz then there'd be some fees there as well. Also, what sort of info will Fedex ask from you?
  4. Yes they take CCs, they dont for bbags though but thats it as far as I know. fedex asks for your social security #, address and phone number.
    Oh there may also be a fee for currency conversion but the rate depends on your CC company.
  5. Thank you nawth21. that really help clear things out.

    Any idea whether they'll have the mini paddington in the same baby blue? (don't know what the "official" name is) :love: Or is everything pre-ordered?
  6. Nawth21, thanks for the info! It's good to know they take CCs for Paddies at least! TT is such a pain and bank fees are ridiculous.

    Hmm, wrt social security number, we don't have that here in Australia (except for those on welfare). So I think maybe they'll ask for driver's licence #?? Anyone in Australia, NZ or non-US who ordered from LVR before, do they still ask for a social sec # or something else?
  7. Bluekit, sometimes something is on their website and when you go click on the colour, it will say "pre-order" or "available". Otherwise, I don't think they offer it if something's not on their website. Keep checking it daily as stuff appear on and off their all the time. NAP has a baby/mini Paddy available but not in the jeans moyen colour. They have it in tan and silver I think.
  8. Thanks SerenitySue. I have no clue:wacko:

    Now that you brought it up, how does the bottom line work out for NAP for let's say, the mini paddington at £675.00* • US$1300.00** • €905.00?

    Is it really going to be $1,300.00 at the end? less or more?
  9. When I ordered my whiskey paddington from NAP in December, the price was listed at $1500 USD. It came out, with duties and everything else to $1484. I used a code for free shipping, so I saved a few bucks. So yes, the price listed on the site is accurate :biggrin:
  10. I just (this morning) received my big pocket Paddy from LVR. I have paid $1284.60 to LVR (for a bag that would have cost over $1800 from NAP or anywhere else), my bank charged me $12.85, and FedEx should charge approx $128.50. In the end, I saved around $400, and the shipping was free. The bag arrived today in a gorgeous box, wrapped in the dustbag, paper, and a ribbon (see my thread), and is perfect as far as I can tell--and I am REALLY picky! They never did answer my e-mails, but the bag shipped out one day after the order was placed, so I am perfectly happy. (And how often does THAT happen???)
  11. Is it safe to order through the LVR's website, or do you have to order by phone?

    What is NAP?
  12. Yes, it is safe to order from LVR's website. That is where I got my choco paddy. And NAP is Net-A-Porter...:biggrin:
  13. Thanks Cristina! :biggrin: So to recap, NAP's bottom line is about the same as listed on their website, but the benefits include no long wait-list, and no sales tax. As for LVR, it's a few hundred cheaper than the retail price in U.S. (even after custom) but are limited in what they have on-hand. Am I right? :idea:
  14. Yes, LVR is less expensive. NAP has a very good return policy if you have not seen a bag IRL and are even a bit unsure.
  15. To further differentiate between the two - I would only order from LVR if you are absolutely sure of the color and style you want and know you'll be keeping the bag. While I have no issues with their service (ordered online, bag shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition and perfectly packaged), they DO have major issues with responding to e-mails. Quite simply, they don't!

    So if you think you might want to return, go with NAP. If not, save a few dollars and order from LVR.