Paddington Anthracite

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  1. hello paddington lovers.... well i got my first paddy. and its the antracite. can someone tell me if this was a limited edition. it has the silver lock and hardware..... but the lock isn't nice and shinny at all! and can't polish it up. (i'm not anal, just thought it should be brand new like the LVs' are.....):shame:

    its beautiful. padlock is hard to lock. key opens it easy. bought it from holts, so if something goes wrong who do i contact....

    reading many threads... (LVs never had problems....) :worried:

    but i love it.:love: .... i'm hooked..... :sick:

    any websites about paddingtons?
  2. yup i have the anthracite. i love it. i think the lock is supposed to be like that. worn looking. well i've had mine for 1.5 months, haven't had any problems with it.

    i think it is limited. but not sure....
  3. thanks fayden. what do you wear it with......

    (i love limited editions!) can anyone confirm?
  4. probs with my lock either: lots of people have bought this one lately; but no one bought mine when it was on Ebay.

    I'm keeping it now because it is too pretty to be sold for less than retail.
  5. i wear it with anything. if i want to carry it, i will!!!
  6. thanks!

    any other colour paddy with the silver padlock?
  7. That's too bad that you didn't sell it, but I'm glad it's still with you ! I hope you get lots of use out of it.. somehow ! :amuse:
  8. Hi Suzie, I'm in Toronto and shop Holts. Were you on a wait list for the bag in Edmonton? What size is it. Also, if you don't mind, was it under 2000 Cdn?
  9. hello shyloo

    i called my 'girl' today at holts to see if anything new was in... she told me that they brought in this paddy for someone else.... i heard that she bought one in toronto, wasn't happy with it, wanted a cream one, they brought in the anthracite and she didn't want it. i guess it was my lucky day as i called in at the right time. (yeah for me!) so i bought it and now i have all these questions. it is truly beautiful. holts' says no waiting list...... they can never guarantee anything. ( i just go alot!)

    it's the regular one. not the mini.

    price $1895.00

    do you guys have a balenciaga counter?

    we also have the new spy in.....
  10. Would love to see pics if you have some to post! And I think it is fairly safe to say that ALL Paddys are limited edition, but particularly the "special" colors.
  11. i suck at pictures. but i will take them and then send them off to vlad....

  12. We have a b-bag counter that was nice and full a few weeks ago. I am on a wait list for the gaucho and a silverado. We'll see. :worried: I may call about the anthracite paddy, I think it's cool. I also think its funny that these bags are always sold out south of the border and they sit on shelves here. Last year in the summer (?)there were mettallic B--bags on sale in Toronto.
    So the accessories section in Edmonton is good? I was in Calgary 5 years ago and the Holts sucked, maybe its better now. The Ottawa Holts sucks too.:sad:
  13. That's one pretty color if I remember it right. Lucky you!
  14. so i'm keeping it! the colour is definitely unique. i love that...

    shyloo.... accessories could have a hand up... but now we got the tiffany and yurman counter. (i'm addicted to these too!)