paddington 06 colour question

  1. hi.. i was just wondering if anyone knew if chloe did a jade green in the bowler paddington style ,also referred to as the tote satchel, or 'new' satchel.. (i think.. i could be mistaken tho) in the 06 collection... thanks in advance:heart: ..
  2. I know Chloe did a jade green in the regular paddy satchel in 2006, as I've seen it in Bloomingdales in NYC (they had it as recently as last week.) Not sure about the bouler style, but my guess would be they probably did. I *think* I saw a small pocket paddy in jade at the Chloe store in London this past fall.
  3. a jade medium satchel??? ooo I want to see that... anyone have that?
  4. thanks KMSNYC, its just that i bought the bowler style paddington in jade green from a sample sale in london.. and all sales were final.. so i get home with the bag and research abt it.. and see nothing on the internet abt tne colour in tht style...:confused1:
    now i'm really dreading that i mte hav bought something that was (i cant even say it..:sad: ) F A K E
    but sine someone has seen the real thing in that colour i'm getting a bit of reassurance..
    its not the regular style tho.. its the one with zippers going all the way across the sides.. it looks great tho..
  5. Sounds pretty lushk, maybe you could post pictures in the Authenticate this Chloe thread and we will take a look?
  6. sounds like a good idea..ok .. i will take some pics of my bag and post them on here asap..!
    off to dig out my digital..