Paddies on sale at NAP

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  1. I just noticed that NAP has the black and tan Paddy on sale, for around $1k.

    Check out the sale section! :idea:
  2. Dear Vlad:

    TGIF!!! As the web master, I didn't know you check on sales too, ha ha....

    They are GONE though....

    Anyway, enjoy the weekend,
  3. They are still there ...
  4. ^^ But no longer available...
  5. Gosh, I hope that's not the tan I returned. I noticed some glue drip stains on the handles whick looks like manufacturing defect and told NAP about it. NAP was very nice and helpful and DHL picked it back up. I never used the bag, but I couldn't live with paying $924 for a bag with a defect.
  6. It might be the one you returned. I kind of doubt NAP would do anything about it.