Paddies and Air Travel

  1. I just bought a ticket for a quick visit to Washington DC in a few weeks and I am wondering if I should carry my Paddy or carry a different purse for the trip? Specifically, has anyone had any trouble going through airport security with a Paddington? Does the lock and key set off alarms? Does it offend the TSA in any way? ('Cause it does seem to me that you could, really, KILL someone by swinging that heavy lock at their head!)

  2. Well - I chose my huge belt pocket Paddy to be my main bag on a recent trip to Taiwan and I had no problems whatsoever with security. It just passed on through the carry on scan each and every time. It didn't get hurt in any way scratches-wise although I am not too fussy about that and I don't think I even looked it over too well! I did put it in the overhead bin and at one point my cell phone slid out and I didn't discover that until I deplaned. But I realized my mistake going through customs and the airline staff found it and returned it to me reallyfast. So I would say just make sure it is secured.
  3. It doesnt turn an eye at airport security, you will be fine, its a perfect size imo for carry on.

    Enjoy your trip :smile:
  4. You have to put your purse through the carry on xray anyway so the lock should not be a problem at all.
  5. I have the huge travel size black paddington from '05, thank you Roz, (roz77772002 on eBay:smile: and I have used it lots of times on trips and it travels very well:yes: Don't worry about security because it just goes through the machine with no problem. Actually it's nice that you can lock it because then you don't have to worry about anything falling out:yes: Have a great trip! You will LOVE having it with you to enjoy:wlae:
  6. I agree. Took my paddy to Paris and not only was it a great travel bag but security was a non-issue!
  7. I haul a couple of paddys in my carryon luggage and it doesn't cause any problems going through security.
  8. Is yours the same style as this one currently up on eBay?

    And, how weird would it be to carry one Paddy (regular sized) as a purse and ANOTHER one (this bag travel thing) as a carry-on together?
  9. I just returned from a business trip and took my noir Paddy with me. No problem whatsoever. However, a lady TSA complimented me on my nice bag. :--)
  10. Good to hear the staff has got to know it by now! When I took one of the first ever Paddingtons on a flight in Germany, it was x-rayed and afterwards the whole bag was taken away to some backroom - came back unharmed, but without explanation after some cruel minutes.

    After that, I chose other bags for air travel, but maybe I should give it another try now they have become familiar with it.
  11. No, that's not the one. (I have that one too though! :nuts: ) The one in the picture is the US SHOPPER like green_eggs just got from Bluefly, also in the whiskey. The travel sized paddington that I have is a larger version of the medium, (dimensions are 20x10) and it's just like the medium in style, but the handles are longer of course, so it easily can be worn as a shoulder bag. Mine is from '05, but I think they are still making a few of them. I saw one on Bluefly the other day (and in black!), :heart: but I am sure that they are no longer using the same leather, which is unfortunate since the older leather is that squishy, buttery kind. I haven't seen the latest version IRL, but if you do a lot of travelling it's a great bag. I wouldn't take two paddys on a trip though. If I take the large one, I leave the other "girls" at home!:rolleyes:
  12. Bluefly has the current version of the "travel sized" paddington on it's website now. ( It's 4:00pm Chicago time.) It is slightly smaller at 19x9, but it is a nice size for a carryon. Also, it's in black.:yes: It's not identical to mine in the dimensions or probably the leather, but it's the '07 version of the one that I have. :heart:
  13. I just gave a quick look-see at Bluefly. The PRICES! I can't justify that. I'm an ebay girl, for sure.:girlsigh:
  14. I agree about the prices. I can only buy these bags b/c my kids are all grown and married, so I can treat myself at last:smile: :yahoo:
  15. beanie, that certainly gives me something to look forward to! I still have one in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. At least we're now done with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs!:yes: