Paddies and Air Travel Spin-off Thread!

  1. Sooo, you can take a paddy through the airport in your carry on, you can carry one with you, but what about putting one in your checked luggage? What do you do with your paddies/expensive bags when travelling by air and you MUST take them? If you were moving overseas would you have them shipped to your new address, or would you feel safe checking them? :confused1:
  2. It's not just paddies, checking anything expensive in your check through luggage is a risk. Ever since 9/11, there are much more people who handle and are looking through your checked luggage. They legally have the right to open your suitcase. If this happens (and it has happened to me once or twice over the years) you open your luggage when you get to your destination and you see a little card that says that your bag was opened and ruffled through by authorities. (ugh, I have underwear and private things in there! :yucky: )

    So, for my valuables, I either carry them on board, or I ship them next day air with full insurance.
  3. I'm too afraid of someone taking my good stuff so I always carry them on.
  4. I will be doing an overseas move next year, plan to put the bags I am taking (minimal, plan to add to my collection there :nuts: ) into our air shipment with full replacement (retail!) value on the items . . . I've got 3 little kids so can't really carry too much hand luggage. It would slay me if anything happened to the bags, but I figure at full insurance value I could ease the pain. :yes:
  5. I usually include it along w/ my carryon luggage. BUT you can have security check your checked in luggage first, then put a lock on it. I've done that fot all my int'l trips.