Padded Envelop

  1. Anyone seen this in the shop? What color is available and how much is it?

    The Chanel Shop in Hong Kong has the charcoal grey color and it costs HK$19,000 (about US$2,435).:idea:
    Padded Envelope.JPG
  2. NM Beverly Hills had one on Monday...don't know if it is still there and I don't know price...the bag didn't make me swoon.

    Oh, it was black.
  3. I saw it in gray a few months ago at the trunk show. Although it's pretty, it didn't blow me away either. I like the lock, but the strap seems a little boring compared to the classic or bijoux chains.
  4. I saw it at Saks Beverly Hills in Grey. I didn't even try it on. It seemed too square and the strap was plain.
  5. That's what I like about it! :yes:
  6. ^^ ditto for me! I love the feel of the leather and its simplicity. It's very pretty IRL. I do have enough black bags tho' so I'm passing.
  7. i saw a smaller one in white last night in pacific place in HK
  8. The Chanel store on 57th Street in NYC had this bag in black 2 weeks ago.