Paculina's shopping spree.....

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  1. So about 4-5 weeks ago, I was in the market for a new purse. The $10 Avon purse I loved was falling apart and it was past time to let it go. The bottom seam of the lining had come out and the seam between the main pocket and side pocket had come undone. If you pulled the lining out and turned the side pocket out, you could see straight through the bag!

    So I went to the mall looking for a purse that was similar to that one - not too big, not too deep. Just enough to carry my essentials without having to dig around to find anything. That's how I came across this Coach purse. I was so excited! I had never had a Coach purse before! When I got home, I started looking online to find out more about it and my excitement faded. It didn't have a creed and I started to think maybe I got taken.

    And that's how I found this evil place. :lol: I learned from the Coach forum that it was a Coach Factory purse. OK, I didn't get taken, but I still kinda felt like I had gotten a step-child or something, I felt let down.

    So I went shopping again. Macy's was having a sale and I had a gift card. I found this beautiful blue MK satchel, but it was much too big for me. I asked the lady if she had that color in a smaller style and she pointed me to the Fulton Crossbody. Awesome! The sale plus the credit card discount plus the gift card brought it to an acceptable price point.

    And so it began......

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  2. I began reading here and looking at the different shopping sites. Somehow I decided that the Coach Legacy Turnlock Tote would make a great bag for school and after stalking a couple websites for a few days looking for the right color at the right price, I ordered it in purple.

    And I was drooling over this Love Moschino snakeskin print bag on LC, so I ordered that too.

    Ack! I just spent close to $400 on 2 purses! I stopped buying because I was out of money. But payday was not too far away.....

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  3. While counting the days until payday, I continued window shopping online. So many beautiful bags here and on all the shopping sites! How is a girl supposed to decide! In person of course! So I took myself shopping after payday.

    I wanted a variety of colors and designers. I had Coach, I had MK, I wanted something different. So I got these lovely Kate Spades. I sat there debating which color to get which purse in, lol. I decided on Juliana in blue and Janie in pink.

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  4. Next, I wanted a regular Coach purse. With a creed and everything. I wanted to be a cool kid, lol. And I saw this Madison Small Sadie in graphic print. The black and white is what caught my attention. It was advertised as on sale and when I got to the register it was marked down even more! Woohoo!

    I also picked up this Giani Bernini. I love the combination of pink and white.

    I couldn't stop thinking about this Calvin Klein purse I saw, it's so soft! So I went back the next day and got it.

    And I started thinking I need something for wet weather and I got this Nine West Vegas Signs shopper.

    My poor credit card was hurting at the end of that weekend.

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  5. So I was happy at the increased variety in my collection. Different designers, different sizes, different colors.

    But I was still looking at stuff online. I had been eyeing this purple faux-suede tote bag on LC for several days, it was on sale to start with and then got marked down even more. So I ordered it.

    I had been eyeing this Botkier crossbody too. Such a different style than what I had and a neutral color.

    I had come across the RM Skinny MAC before my weekend shopping spree and couldn't stop thinking about it. So I got that too, although I guess I hadn't read carefully enough to realize this was a wallet and not a purse. But that's ok. I will just put it in my other purses! :smile:

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  6. And lastly, yesterday, I was going through some clothes and came across a black jacket with a purple lining on the lapel. And it occurred to me I have 2 purple tote bags but not an every day bag! Well, we have to fix this! So today I ordered the MK Hamilton E/W Satchel in Violet from the store since they didn't have one in stock. Got a good deal too because the clerk couldn't figure out how to stop it from giving me the sale price plus the credit card discount, so yay! I'll post a pic when I get it.

    Thanks for looking at my collection so far. I'm going to have to lay off the shopping for a while, need to spend money on other things and pay off my credit cards first! But I'm thinking there's going to be a pre-loved Balenciaga in my not-too-distant future......
  7. Gorgeous Collection!
  8. I love it! The obsession hit me fast too :smile:
  9. Another colorful collection, love it! :smile: