packing your heels?

  1. hi everyone
    i'm not sure if this has already been asked - but how do your travel with/pack your heels? i put mine in their dustbags, but often with the bumps and rubs, they often get a bit squished- i always pack them right in between nice fluffy sweaters or something - but still - does anyone else have this problem? any tips?
  2. I always pack my more expensive heels in the shoe box. For your other shoes, you may put some socks inside of them to help them retain their shape while traveling.
  3. My suitcase has a special area for shoes that I use AND I use the dustbags too
  4. I save the original tissue paper stuffing in the shoes and I store/travel with them the same way in their dustbags. Or I just take tissue paper from shopping bags and do the same thing.
  5. I travel with my pumps stored in boxes.