Packing Pics of the new Pomp?

Jun 19, 2009
anyone have any? Just curious how you are managing without the extra slip pockets. I still havent figured out how to transition into mine :sad:


Jan 14, 2009
yk, i don't have mine yet but i've actually been looking into slim id/card wallets just to slip inside (like the ones from lodis, hobo int'l, even fossil) ... just a thought ... i don't carry tons of cards or bills for that matter but i tend to prefer a clear window for my id .... but i'm definitely curious to find out how others are packing theirs too .... :smile:


Just one more word!
Mar 10, 2008
Emerald Coast Florida
This is what's been keeping me from getting a new-style pomp. I use mine as my wallet and all 8 card slips are filled between my IDs & cards and the company cards. Also, I think I would miss the two "hidden pockets" - the pockets behind each card holder panel that sort of hide up under the binding of the zipper. That's where I keep all my other cards - insurance cards, library cards etc. The large inside space between the two card panels carries my iPhone and checkbook and cash.

I think I would miss all this organization. I guess the new style is more for those that use the pomp as a purse instead of a wallet and need room for dimensional items like cosmetics. AtelierPax, I like the idea of buying an extra card panel - I will think on that. It might be the solution


Nov 8, 2008
In the Desert
I'm thinking I'll actually be okay with it, since I don't carry a ton of cards. There are just enough pockets for me, but I will miss the longer full length slit pockets. You're right, RMC... It turns the pomp into more of a clutch. And I actually think it's a hair wider than the old design. I don't have an older one to compare it to, though. I'll do a reveal in a couple of days... Too much on my plate right now. But I do like the new design, overall. The zipper pulls and finishing are a bit chunkier, and the contrasting stitching (something I don't normally like) actually makes the black zipper track and strap work. It's sort of more industrial/edgy than the earlier versions.

And an ID card case should fit fine.