packing for trips...

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  1. I'm just popping in for a quick break from packing. I'm going away for six days but my luggage looks like I'm heading out for a year! Meanwhile, it is literally taking me ALL day to decide what to wear/bring, and get it organized. It's especially a pain to pack when the weather is inclement...and our destination (quebec city) is calling for showers and highs in the low sixties, brr.

    How do you guys deal with packing for trips? I know some people seem to be able to just toss a few things in a bag and go. I'm a nut -- carefully selecting a bunch of books to bring along, coordinating shoes and jewelry, make-up and products, etc.

    I tend to "freak out" before going anywhere. The day before a trip I always wish I could cancel...but once I get there, I have a blast:biggrin:
  2. I wish I was a better packer...I like to have more than enough! I spend ages packing then as the evening before passes I take a few things out...then slip something else in...and so on!!! I also do the whole book thing ( start book shopping a few weeks ahead so Im READY.) Then the is a hassle but its worth it!!! I also DREAD packing for cold weather as I LIVE in summer clothes so its always a production. I get it!! Have a great time!!! ENJOY!
  3. Well, we are going away for a week at the end of June. I already know exactly what I'm gonna pack. I only bring enough clothes for the amount of days I'm gonna be there + 1 extra + 2 outfits for dinner. I will only bring 3 pairs of shoes with me that match what I'm bringing. I also buy those little travel bottles for shampoo, etc. so that I can fit everything in one bag. I usually hang all my clothes in the garment bag then pack my shoes and health and beauty aides in a bag. I got my kids a suitcase each (kids one) and if they can't fit it, they don't bring it!!!
  4. There was a thread on this a while back, and I left my packing "tips" in a lengthy response!!! I am an unbelievably anal packer, and have gotten it down to a science.... I tried to figure out how to attach the thread...but apparently while being a great packer, I am completely computer illiterate!!!! Let me see if I can find it..... FOund the thread "I', a chronic overpacker, help me!" on April 19th. Still don't know how to attach it, but if you check it out, you can see my packing plan!!!
  5. Thanks guys! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in taking a long time to pack...although you all sound quite a bit more organized. Annemerick, I'm off to look at that other thread.
  6. I am just-in-case kind of packer so you can imagine how light my bags are ;)! I always always have that huge orange tag spelling out HEAVY placed on my handles. Of course as my bag collection gets bigger my luggage can only become heavier.....
  7. I'm a decent packer... okay my engineer-brained DH is a great packer but here's some tips:

    - Buy small travel goods. (mouthwash, tiny soap, gifted perfume samples)
    - Buy a disposable toothbrush (you can throw it away at the end on your trip and not worry about carting it back)
    - books can be one of the heaviest items in a suitcase so stick most of them in your ticketed luggage to save from the backpain

    - Pack a jacket and a change of clothes in your carry-on in case of luggage mishaps. You can also bundle your jacket on your lap and rest a book etc, to save yourself from back/neck/hand strain of peering down while reading.
    - Don't wear a belt or hard to take off shoes when traveling thru airports
    - Pack a granola bar and a bottle of water, since you never know how long you'll be stuck deplaning or boarding until the obligatory cart rolls down your way
  8. i am sooo bad in packing. i always end up paying for my excess luggage :cry: even worse when you travel for shopping and wnt with one suitcase and come back with two
  9. I am a bad packer too - bring way too much and don't use half of it. I always seem like I'm leaving for a month when it's a short week end. When it comes to work attire, I generally try to pick 1 outfit a day, and if I wake up that morning not wanting to wear it then tough and I suck it up and wear it anyways. The part about packing that I am terrible at is my fun clothes - I always bring way too much!!! lol

    I remember you posting your the thread about going to Quebec City and it's just around the corner I see. Did you end up making plans to go to Montreal? I hope so, it's a reallly great place.

    Enjoy your trip!
  10. My key to sane packing is to go ahead and pack your suitcase, then take half of it out. Don't bring multiple choices!
  11. I posted about my packing nightmares a while back and Anne Merrick wrote all her tips and tricks which are great. I am still an awful packer. I get stressed out over it and ALWAYS overpack. My husband is constantly weighing our suitcases for fear of being charged for an overweight bag. I'm really quite pathetic.
  12. MandM,
    im with you, girl... im a panic packer and always overpack. What i usually do is write down a list of the essentials, what i need to bring... Then after tossing things in the luggage, i'll look at my list and do the "check". It helps to not forget things.
    Have fun in Quebec
  13. i'm a great packer. I can usually fit everything in a roller that doesn't have to be checked in... and I usually carry a big personal bag that holds a couple of purses. I had to find a way because for a year or so, my best friend worked at United and I would just fly on her buddy passes. W/ that in mind, my luggage was limited so i can randomly choose flights.

    I write all my outfits down but they're all in categories: bottoms/tops/dresses/belt/shoes/purse. My essentials are also written down too. Most of the time when I travel, i need day outfits and possible night outfits .

    After I'm done writing down all the things I would like to bring, I narrow it down from there. Like sometimes all my outfits can just have one shoe that goes w/ it or I can mix and match different tops and bottoms from other outfits to create new ones. So when I look at all my outfits on a sheet of paper, and pack it... it's much easier... I tend to be able to fit in more outfits (just because), and I always bring an extra duffle bag because I'll probably do more shopping whereever i go.
  14. i have to manually write out a list so i can visualize everything i'm bringing and make sure they coordinate. also, it helps so i don't leave things out since i check it off as i actually stuff it into my luggage.
  15. I think I'm a great packer. I always keep on standby for quick trips...alot of minature cosmetics. I have samples of shampoo, conditioner, I put makeup in tiny empty sample cosmetic containers...I kind of always put aside, sample sizes of asprin, bandaids, nosespray, etc. I would pack one black dress, one pair of jeans, shorts, a top or two, one pair of heels, running shoes. (I keep all my bases covered.) :weird: I keep alot of stuff in my car, extra jackets, sweat shirts, a few pair of shoes, boots etc. So I only carry in a small bag what I need and If I need anything else, its always in my car. I can always leave for a few days in minutes. I keep an extra makeup mirror in my car. If I had to leave in a hurry, All I would need is my small overnight bag. I keep it handy all the time. Gee how weird does this sound????:oh: :oh: