packing for paris

  1. as all new yorkers do, I *think* I know how to dress. But this is paris we are talking about. I have my st tropez wardrobe picked out already- its a little more chic than my hampton attire, so i'm fine there.

    on my check list for paris so far-
    bare minimum makeup
    ballet flats

    no jeans
    no sneakers

    if you have any tips, and i collect dior, how do they feel about out of season bags? I really dont want to bring the larger gaucho, or lv speedy

    paris virgin here, all advice will be greatly appreciated!

  2. When are you going?
    Your list so far is good.

    My suggestions:

    Anything stylish & BLACK (the mode in Paris)
    NO shorts
    NO Tees with sports teams, logos, etc.
    NO baseball caps

    I found the better trendy jeans in darker colors or black to be ok
    No flashy designer bags (most Parisians don't sport them)
    Trendy sunglasses

    Have fun and don't forget that even a little french goes a L O N G way !!!!
  3. thank god i'm almost fluent

    haha i leave tomorrow AM! no flashy bags, check. I will take the lv speedy then! its my undercover brother bag. chic, but not flashy.

    thanks for the info. ugh... i'm so nervous of looking out of place, lol.

    its so hot for black. but i mean thats the same in NYC- its how nyers kinda figure out who is 'b&t' (*bridge and tunnel aka non manhattanites)- people who wear bright colours, or multi colourful are usually not city dwellers. ;) so maybe i get to be myself. black it is!!
  4. You will love Paris. I hope you have a lovely trip.
  5. Women is Paris don't really dress up. They wear jeans, sneakers, and casual clothes just like everybody else. Some in designer stuff, some in local brands, but it's always fine. They have so many tourists overthere..So no worries! I'm sure you'll do fine. I would recommend to wear comfortable clothes.

    And I went shopping with a Gucci from way back intime (2003). Designer bags are always hot!!
    Have fun shopping!
  6. Parisians love their jeans !! as long as it´s trendy, well fitted jeans (slim right now), no boot cuts.
  7. I love Paris!!

    Have a good trip and what you have packed seems fine.