Packing for Florida

  1. We are headed to a conference in St. Petersburg, Florida on Tuesday. Since we are on the west coast of Canada, I am totally stumped as to what to pack. Can anyone enlighten me on what the weather is like? We will be there for 6 days. Thanks!
  2. Resort wear, light colors but take a jacket and a sweater or pashmina since it can get cool at nights......and sometimes out of nowhere the weather changes to cold for a day or two.....think resort wear or cruise wear, and you will be fine....go to Don Cesar, it is lovely and the downtown St. pete by the Bay is also wonderful and quite sophisticated.....saw a lot of designer bags, shoes, etc......enjoy!!!!!:heart:H
  3. ^LOL!It only gets REALLY cold when Im there...heeehee!(I have the worst luck!!)I was in Fla a week dropped to 40!!!(record cold...of course..sigh!)the day I left it went back up to 70's!!!!