Packing bags for travel


Jul 1, 2008
Just wondering how everyone packs their bags when they travel? Do you put them all in your carry-on or will you send your bags through with your checked luggage? I was planning to take 3 different bags (cross body, clutch, and satchel) for an upcoming trip. I planned on wearing the cross body bag on the plane, but wasn't sure how to pack the other two. In the past I've always packed my bags in my carry-on but this time I am trying to avoid taking a carry-on and just pack my essentials in my cross body bag. Is it risky to pack it in checked luggage? What if they lose your bags; I don't think they reimburse you for the total value of goods you carry?
Apr 15, 2007
Just try and pack what you need to carry on...if you have to check your bag,

wouldn't pack anything that can't be replaced.. going some place warm or cold??

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Dec 4, 2008
I just pack mine in my checked luggage, since I normally don't have a big enough carry-on. Most of my bags aren't valuable enough to nervous about them getting damaged or stolen anyway. But if I carry my MBMJ in my suitcase, I'll put it in the dustbag and pack it in the middle, so it has less of a chance of being spotted if my bag is opened/inspected and to keep it nice.

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Jan 30, 2007
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If they don't fit in whatever you are carrying on, don't take them.

The airline insurance doesn't cover expensive bags, and I know I wouldn't be happy if I lost any of my beloved bags.


Jul 1, 2008
Thanks for your suggestions. I've decided to cut down my bag choices and am just bringing one bag which can be carried along with my carry-on and then a clutch that fits easily into my purse for safe keeping during travel.


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Feb 6, 2007
^^^That sounds like an excellent plan. I usually take one bag on the plane, another smaller shoulder bag tucked in my carry-on, maybe a clutch as well if I'm going for a longer trip and we have something formal to attend like a dinner or something.

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Nov 28, 2009
I pack the bags that I take in my luggage (I usually only bring about 2 on vacation, one regular size and one really small/clutch size) I don't bring a purse on the plane, I just bring my carry on and leave my purse (and everything in it ie make up, doodads) in my luggage and take it out when I get to my location, I started doing that when they instated the liquid limitations laws, I'm not playing around, I don't bring any liquids, ain't no one takin my lipgloss away from me! lol. I know a lot of people don't check bags or other expensive items it seems but I'm not just a heavy packer, I'm a seriously problem status heavy packer lol. You know those rolling suitcases that can like fit a body in them? I take 3 of those when I travel :shame: and my carry-on is I'd say about the size of a Balenciaga City bag, so it doesn't really fit anything other than books/papers anyway which is all I bring on the plane. I can't help it I just want to bring everything! lol