Packing a Love Me Mini?

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  1. There is a super cute one on Bonz right now - what can you put in it? I'm hoping at least my Vera Bradley turnlock wallet (4" x 8" ish) Any ideas or packed pics?? Thanks :smile:
  2. Thanks RaeBelle -I completely forgot about that thread :smile:
  3. No problem! I'm sure there are other photos with a packed Love Me Mini, but hopefully those will help
  4. I think Lovehandbags had some pics of what she carried in hers. I'll see if i can find them.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I don't think there is anything really "mini" in BE land :lol:
  7. Love Me mini is my most FAVORITE BE style! I have 8 of them currently!

    I can easily carry my BE long zipper wallet in it, as well as most daily essentials...this is not a "everything and the kitchen sink" but you definitely can carry most everything you need daily in it!
  8. :nuts:..We have an ongoing competition..:biggrin:..haha is a good 'little' bag!