Packages, Packages, I want more Packages

  1. :sweatdrop::woohoo::graucho:
  2. OH! Great! Can't wait to see what you'll be receiving! Orange makes me high!
  3. What is it that fashion companies have against UPS? It seems every brand only dains to use FedEx. oops- :back2topic:

    Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve! :graucho:
  4. LOL, this is a first!!
    They should change the purple to brown and call it HermesExpress


  5. Ok......this is GREAT! I LOVE Fedex....'cause it and my Johnny-look-alike delivery man always bring a little something orange to S'Mom's house.....LOL!!!!
  6. I´m so excited for you!!
  7. ******,

    Do you realize that it is 1:20 in the morning for me? I can't believe you are going to make me stay up for this....
  8. i want to see! what did you get ******!:graucho:
  9. Okay S'Mom what is a Johnny-look-alike?
  10. ^^I believe he looks like Johnny Depp- I think there was a fantasy post a while back about a shirtless Mr. Depp delivering a Kelly to her door :graucho:
  11. LOL I love it :nuts:

  12. Is it here yet:wtf:
  13. ******, What are you receiving? ;)
    CobaltBlu--HermEx. Hee. Hee. How cute. ;)
  14. Ooh, can't wait!!
  15. This is killing me.....