Package with new bag at home...and I'm stuck at work!

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  1. Don't you hate that!? Haha I can't wait to get home!
  2. What were you expecting?
  3. Goldenbleu Jordan satchel in navy blue!
  4. I *do* hate that....!!

    OOOOOOO Post pics as soon as you can!!! haha
  5. haha, that's the worst! That's what I hate about tracking packages online, once I see that it's "delivered" it just drives me crazy.
  6. Ooooh Goldenbleu is devine. I would be rushing home!

    TICK TOCK TICK TOCK (counting the minutes)
  7. Oh you must be dying right now!! can't wait to see pics, I love Goldenbleu!
  8. I totally hate that, gosh thats the worst. Usually I try and get my packages shipped to my work. Hurry home!