package was lost, how can I get my money back?

  1. I bought sth from eBay without insurance, and the seller sent the package with ups, but ups delivered it to a wrong address, the address on the shipping label is correct, so it's absolutely ups'fault. I called ups and was told they would investigate it, my question is if ups couldn't get my package back, will ups cover my lost? Or should I file a dispute against the seller? Thanks!
  2. ^Are you sure seller wrote the correct address on the label? What the online tracking says?
  3. Try to contact the seller first... to confirm the address he sent it to

    If you are not having much luck with UPS then you will have to file an

    INR with paypal....or do a little investigation on your own...

    Try calling a UPS supervisor .. did the package have to be signed for???
  4. yes,I contacted the seller first and the address was correct.
    The online tracking says"receiver moved, first delivery not compelete. address has been corrected,and delivery was complete." so it"s all ups' fault.....

  5. it didn't need to be signed. i talked to ups and they said they left the package at the front door of the wrong address.
  6. well if UPS admits to leaving the package at the wrong address,

    what do they intend to do about their error??

    how careless of them & they need to correct this or figure out where

    they left that package & contact that person to return it to UPS

    so they can re-deliver to you...
  7. Well if they openly admitted to delivering the package to the wrong address, they need to be the ones to cover your loss. Did the UPS rep you spoke to tell you what they're planning to about this? Their shortcomings are not your fault, and you shouldn't be without the item AND your money. I just wonder if they're going to try and refuse to reimburse you since you didn't pay for insurance. Sorry about your issue, and I hope UPS will work with you to make things right.
  8. The seller is liable for the loss. Do your best to try to get UPS to recover the package from wherever they delivered it but if that fails you have to ask for your money back from the seller. If they refuse to refund you, you will have to file a claim.

    UPS automatically includes $100 of insurance so at least the seller will be able to recover that if the delivery person admits to leaving it at the wrong address.
  9. How did you pay? File a dispute if possible through PayPal
  10. If you are not getting any further with UPS, you may have to file a claim...
  11. File with eBay. You will probably lose a PP claim if the shiny shows "delivered " - even to the wrong address.