Package stalled out at sorting center. How long to wait?

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  1. I purchased a bag from an eBay seller on 4/28 and it has stalled out in Opa Locka, FL for 7 days now. It scanned as arrived, but it never left. The package was shipped priority. How long would you typically wait before investigating or opening an INR. Obviously it's not the sellers fault, I know. One thing I found a bit odd is the fact that I believe she printed an eBay label, but there is no signature required and the item was priced over 1k. There's no insurance either, but I guess that was her chance to take. Normally I'm patient, but I've heard Opa Locka has a reputation of being the Bell Gardens of the east coast, and this was a pricier purchase for me.
  2. Since this is such a high ticket item, I would open the INR now..
    With priority shipping ( 2 - 3 days) it should have arrived by now.

    Should you receive the item, you can always close the dispute.
  3. I would contact your seller and let them know that you're concerned about the bag's tracking showing it stuck in Opa Locka. Give them an opportunity to investigate before opening an INR.
  4. I'm not sure how opening an INR would help. eBay won't close it in your favor since tracking shows the item in limbo and it won't help you get the item any sooner.
  5. As I understand, INR can be opened the day after the latest estimated delivery date. I'm sure that estimated date has passed so the OP should be able to open INR.

    But she should contact the seller first to see if may she can contact her post office and get the package/tracking to move.
  6. I've had this happen before, a priority package was stuck in jax for 11 days. I opened a case with usps (I was the seller) and 2 days later it was found and delivered. I would definitely give the seller a chance to investigate first and if she's unresponsive, open the INR after the estimated delivery date has passed.
  7. I sent a message to the seller this morning, so hopefully she can find out something. I always hate the idea of an eventual INR in a case like this since the seller did her job, but I guess that's just how it goes in these situations. This definitely reaffirms why I always insure my items over $200. I thought I was paranoid, but you never know.
  8. Ebay policy states as follows:

    If the expected delivery date has passed & you haven't received the item,
    let the seller know by opening a request. They'll have 3 business days to
    respond & resolve the issue.

    It is up to the OP to decide to file an INR via PP or Ebay.
    Many say an INR is better filed through PP..

    It appears enough time has passed for the OP to do this or as she says
    she contacted seller this morning, waiting to hear back.

    Since it was a high ticket item,wonder if the seller sent it with signature
  9. Surprisingly, according to the tracking there is no signature or insurance.
  10. Not to scare you or anything but the only package ever to go missing (out of those I sent) was one that was last scanned as leaving Opa Locka and then never heard of again. One of the USPS telephone reps I spoke to mentioned that Opa Locka is known as a black hole.

    Either you or the seller can open an investigation with USPS. Obviously you are covered since there is no delivery scan, but I am guessing you wanted the item. The seller may have self-insured the packaged and that would not show up on the USPS site (this is what I do).
  11. Well, amazingly my package surfaced from the Opa Locka Bermuda triangle and showed up on my doorstep this morning. Just goes to show you can't trust the tracking to update since there were no other scans until it was delivered. If it were any other sorting center I wouldn't have been as nervous, but I've heard bad stories from that place. I also had another parcel arrive today from a different location, and there were absolutely no scans (not even a pick up or acceptance scan) until it was delivered, so maybe the system is extra buggy this week.
  12. :tup:
  13. That is wonderful!
  14. Glad to hear it showed up!
  15. Glad it showed up. :smile: