Package Sitting at Canadian Customs, Help!

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  1. Not that I know of. I have been waiting longer than normal for my recent purchase - and it is a small inexpensive item that shouldn't attract much attention at customs - but that does happen from time to time. They always seem to get here eventually. :smile:
  2. Thank you. Delivery was scheduled for 2/13 now it has been rescheduled but there isn't a date yet. Hopefully Monday 2/18.
  3. Hi, I shipped a package to my BF who is in Winnipeg in hopes it would get there before Valentines Day (I shipped it Jan. 25th, from Virginia)... Arghh, but it still hasn't arrived yet! Is this normal? It's already been 15 business days....
  4. What does the tracking says?
  5. It says that it departed Virginia Jan. 26th and that's it unfortunately...
    Is that weird? I do know that I won't be able to track it once it reaches Canada...
  6. Yes, it was a holiday but Canada Post actually delivered mail today.

  7. Winterpeg has been hit by major snowstorm. 15 business days is normal for First Class Mail International. Sometimes your package can be in a container pulled for detailed check. And that takes time. Happens to me once in a blue moon. I even had a package from China that ended up in a container that has been quarantined for two months (some sort of a wood bug was discovered in the wooden crate).
  8. Oh, okay, thanks! Hopefully it won't take two months... I have my fingers crossed..
    I keep asking my BF if he received my package yet and he's like: "No,why? What's in it."
  9. OMG. There are still no updates on my Priority package mailed 1/24. I sent a FCMI package to Bangkok and it got there faster. :wacko:
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