Package shipped - but not showing up on USPS website

  1. On January 18, I received an automated message from the seller that one of my recent eBay purchases had been shipped. It included a USPS tracking number. However, when I check with the tracking number in question, it says that "There is no record of this item." The seller tells me that I need to wait for USPS to "scan the package" and that there is an error in the system, but it's never happened before that it takes 3 days for a shipped package to appear in the USPS system (I buy quite a lot on eBay from the US). Usually, it always says "Electronic shipping info received" as soon as the seller ships the package, and then the tracking info is updated when USPS scans it, right? Or have I gotten that wrong? This time, there's just no record at all.

    It's a very reputable seller that I've shopped with many times before, so I'm not worried that they're trying to scam me, but I'm just very confused as to what might have happened. Has anyone else been in this situation? I've noticed in some other threads that there has been some USPS delays recently but then at least the packages seem to have entered the system correctly.

    What do you think might be the problem? Or is this a normal situation? Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I would not worry just yet and give it another day or two to update. You most likely will receive the package without the tracking ever updating. That's happened to me before.
  3. I don't know what is going on with USPS tracking lately. I shipped something out and it said something about entering sort facility and sat there for almost a week before updating. Same with a package that was shipped to me on the 15th, still showing sitting in sort facility.

  4. agree. give it a couple of days to update.
  5. USPS local tracking is spotty even domestically but when they ship overseas its especially so since they hand off the package to another carrier and are dependent on coordinating/syncing the two systems.

    Dont fret, it'll get there. Eventually.
  6. I bought a bag on eBay and it was shipped via USPS. The tracking actually said I never received it and that it was returned to the sender. It was so ridiculous because I'd signed for the package, and even chatted it up with the mail woman when it was delivered to me.

    I've had another package delivered that never updated. According to the tracking, that package is forever en route. Good thing I'm a honest buyer, but I'm sure USPS is a good accomplice to those who are not! Just give it some time.
  7. Thank you for your answers! :smile:I feel a bit calmer now. It just really confused me (still does) that the package hasn't even entered the system - it's happened to me before that the tracking status doesn't update from "Electronic shipping info received" for several days, but I've never been in this situation where there's just no record of the package at all. Hopefully - and probably - it will arrive anyway.

    By the way, I've had the same experience as you once, Black Elite, where the tracking info says the package is en route even though I've received it. Scary thing is, it was high value as well. Hopefully honest buyers outnumber the dishonest ones by far.
  8. This is normal and sometimes it means the Seller packaged it and processed it but actually has not dropped it off at USPS. I sell on Ebay and a lot my processed packages that sit before pickup will say this.
  9. One of mine did not update at all from January 03 (acceptance scan) until January 18th when it was delivered...
  10. I am going through the same thing. First item shipped 12/17, buyer wanted to know where package was. USPS Just stating packing electronically shipped but never updated. Since only a $10 purchase, I refunded her money. However, I mailed out two packages this past Thurs. One is on tracking, the other nothing. This is starting to make me very nervous. I am not selling things for nothing here.
  11. My package finally updated to international dispatch (it apparently left the US on the 21st, according to the tracking update, but it wasn't trackable at all until today event though it was sent on the 18th.) It seems like USPS, or at least the tracking function, has some problems right now.
    Good luck with your packages, Lorebunde - I hope they'll arrive safely.
  12. USPS needs to step up their game where tracking info is concerned.
    I sent a package express mail on January 14th guaranteed delivery by 12:00 noon January 15th.
    I found this message in my e-mail this morning:nuts:.

    In response to your request dated 01/18/2011, we regret to inform you that we were unable to locate any delivery information in our records regarding your item number XX XXXX XXXUS.
    If you require additional assistance, please take this receipt to your local Post Office or postal representative.
    United States Postal Service:lol:

    My package arrived a day later than guaranteed, the buyer has left me feedback and I've already received a refund of the shipping cost due to them not delivering on time.
    Their tracking system is becoming a joke and it's a shame we pay for these services only to be ripped off.
  13. Okay speaking of USPS shipping, I hope it's okay for me to ask this here.

    Say it's Friday and postman has a package for me with signature required. He leaves the pink slip in my box.

    Come Sat, shouldn't he attempt to redeliver?? Even if I haven't signed that pink slip and put back in mailbox?? If I'm home why would I need to do that? I thought you only needed to sign for them to leave because you aren't home to sign for it.

    Well this just happened to me and now I have to wait for my package today instead. He didn't come to my door, he didn't leave a 2nd attempt slip, just passed me right by on Sat. I was fuming come 4pm when I realized he wasn't showing up. I never left my house for this sole reason. I wanted my shoes!

    Opinions? Was this my fault or should he have tried to ring my doorbell and see if I'm home??
  14. I think he should have attempted delivery again, but maybe that's not protocol for the post office. I probably would have gone down to the post office with the slip, and tried to pick it up myself on Saturday. I hope they come today, if you're like me, you HATE waiting.
  15. I just assumed they would redeliver. I mean the slip was marked first attempt, which to me says "hey we'll make 2 more attempts before sending back" and then nothing. Not even a second notice slip. I'm confused and mad. I really hope it's there today, especially since my online tracking says it was delivered on Friday at 6:30pm. Uhhhh....