package says could not be delivered, buyer wont return my emails

  1. I sold an item to a buyer, sent first class mail, she received it and loved it, sent just fine

    Two weeks later, she purchased two more items, I sent them each separately via priority mail insured and sig conf req'd. Both showed up as the tracking number saying "could not be delivered as addresses, being returned to sender", I think it has something to do with the term RR in the address, but paypal didn't question the address (RR stands for Rural Route, which in this case is not in a rural area at all, it's in Austin)

    I have emailed the buyer many times asking if she received it, but she never responds. It's been a month since they shipped.

    I'm not sure what to do, should I file the insurance claim with USPS? Should I just print everything out for my files and see how it goes?

    What would you do?
  2. Seems like the person would contact you when they didn't receive their items. If the items are returned to you, you will know she didn't get them. At least you insured them and covered your end. Or the post office messed something up and they really were delivered...Ive had that happen. Seems like after a month if they weren't able to deliver you would have received them back by now. Crazy.
  3. I think they corrected the address and delivered them, she left me pos fb as soon as the auction ended (stupid, I know, I haven't left fb for her yet), I'm stumped on this one

    what is it with these crazy eBay situations lately? I swear it's been one after another lately

    I thought that she would def let me know if she didn't get them, it was over $600 worth of items
  4. how strange. I would think if its been a month and she did not receive the items that she would send you an e-mail. What is the most up to date tracking info you have?
  5. Do you think if USPS didn't update their system but the buyer already received it? You could request buyer's contact info and give her a call to find out.
  6. both items say that they were undeliverable as addressed and are being returned to the sender (me) and I have not received either one

    the fact that she is not emailing me every day wondering where her stuff is makes me think she got them and maybe changed email addys or something

    I just dont know if I should go ahead and file insurance claims so that they can investigate further, it was sig confirmation required, so they screwed up in not getting that if they did deliver
  7. that is very very strange. did you follow up w/ the courier to see what happened b/c they did say the package will be returned to sender? maybe they did end up delivering it but didn't update their system? It's been a month, they have to update you.
  8. If you have not received the packages back and she has not contacted you saying it never arrived, then I would leave it at that. It could have been forwarded as the same thing happened to me with a package and signature confirmation. The item still arrived however it still shows in transit on the website.
  9. I contacted the post office asking them to look into it and they said that what was on the tracking number was the most updated info they had (saying it was being returned to sender), they suggested I file an insurance claim

    do you guys think I should file the insurance claim?
  10. It won't hurt if you do so. I believe USPS will first trace those packages, if they fail to track them, they will ask you to fill out a form with documentation to prove their value. This process will take time. If those packages are delivered or returned later by any chance, you can cancel the claim.
  11. that's kind of what I was thinking

    what info will they want? I printed out the auction, the invoice I sent her, and the paypal payment details. Both items sold for way more than I paid for them, so the receipts seem kinda worthless but I do have those also.

    am I missing anything?
  12. please don't worry yet. I had this sutuation once - USPS tracking system said that the package is undeliverable as addressed and are being returned to the sender. In a 3 or 4 days (!) the package has been delivered. Weird tracking system.

    p.s. Could you make a typo in her address?
  13. I shipped to her address in the paypal system, I use paypal to print my labels, so they automatically insert whatever address she gives into the labels

    also, this has been a lot longer than 3-4 days, the usps tracking numbers haven't updated in over 3 weeks
  14. I would think that the buyer would contact you if the items were not delivered, expecially since it has been a month. Did you give her the tracking info as well? If so, I am sure that she would be checking on the status if it were lost. Strange.
  15. I'd probably email her one more time saying you are contacting her once again for the last time (in a pleasant tone) to find out if she rec'd them. Then proceed to tell her that you will be filing an insurance claim since the system is telling you they weren't delivered and since you can't get any word from her to confirm either way. This might entice her to return the email if she is getting your emails and if she's honest. I know I wouldn't want the seller filing a claim knowing that I had the goods in hand. Plus this would be an added layer of covering yourself knowing you really tried and tried to contact her to let her know what was going on throughout the process. Just a thought.