Package Perfume Bottle

  1. hey guys!

    I just sold a perfume bottle and was wondering how I would go about to package it up?!??! I don't have the box anymore. Should i tape the cap with the bottle and bubble wrap it?!?

    any suggestions and ideas would be great!
  2. i would try and find a box that's smaller to fit it wrap it in blubble wrap them bubble wrap the bix and tissue the box good.

    also- you probably know this but you can only ship perfume fedex. it's not allowed to be sent via ups or usps. i learned that the hard way
  3. oh so the smaller box in a bigger box i mean
  4. I agree, I would package it in some sort of box with noodles or tissue for extra protection!
  5. k, thanks guys!!! darn, I just threw a whole bunch of noodles out too...
  6. Make sure it's in a box and can't rattle around at all. I wouldn't take the chance of sending it alone in a bubble envelope. I too just sold a bottle of perfume on eBay and that's how I plan to ship it :smile:
  7. OH! And I see you're in Canada! I was at the post office today asking about shipping perfume. The girl at the counter said that it shouldn't be a problem to send it via any service WITHIN Canada, but we can't ship it internationally (because it's explosive?!?). Anyways, if your buyer is in the States or overseas, you may have to send it by a different method or fib a little on the customs declaration.
  8. ^^ oh wow! thanks! My buyer is IN the States....thanks for the info!

    well I wrapped it up in plastic like 5 times to keep it insulated and closed up..and putting it in the bubble wrap. Do you think that would be okay?!
  9. NO!!! Do not wrap it in bubble wrap. I bought perfume and the seller wrapped it in bubblewrap and threw it in an envelope. And would not refund me after it arrived damaged. It's your own fault if it breaks.