Package left at post office - can someone else pick up

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  1. Ugh! I've become "that" buyer. I won an expensive item on ebay that is being shipped from overseas and has is signature required. Seller accepted my best offer a week before I was leaving for vacation and I paid asap. Seller shipped and when I checked tracking, it said that the estimated delivery would be Feb 25. Since I was on vacation from Feb 14-22, I figured, that would be ok.

    In the meantime, my neighbors were picking up my mail. I called to ask them several times if the post office left a postcard saying I had an item that needed picking up. They responded that I hadn't received anything. I figured that if the postcard came while I was away, I would have someone else pick it up or call them to give them a heads up that I was away and to hold it for me. Since my neighbors didn't see anything and the tracking wasn't updated on ebay, I figured I was ok.

    I got home today and there was a postcard but it was tied up within other mail so my neighbor missed it. I almost missed it but since I was looking for it, I found it hidden between flyers that I was going to throw out. Anyway, it said the package arrived on Feb 15 (oh no!) so it has been sitting at the post office for 7 days. It's Sunday so the post office is now closed (I attempted to call them)

    I have 2 questions
    1) I've heard that the post office usually holds a package for 14 days. Is that true? I didn't receive a "final delivery" notice so hopefully, they are still holding the package
    2) Since I'm working tomorrow, can I send someone to pick up the package? I will of course send the person with a note authorizing her to sign and pick up the package on my behalf and include a copy of my driver's license. Will that suffice or will I have to find a way to pick it up myself.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. You won't receive a final delivery notice if the post office holds it (as there's no attempt to redeliver it), but you're correct that they'll hold it for 14 days, so it will still be there. However, you're the only person who'll be able to pick it up, and you'll need to show your driver's license (or other ID) when you go.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm so glad I have 14 days, I panicked when I realized it's been at my post office for 7 days.

    I might have to take a day off to pick up this bag. Maybe I can reschedule for a Saturday delivery.
  4. Does the card not have a spot on it that you can sign to authorize someone else to pick it up?
  5. Call the PO tomorrow and ask. Someone will usually answer the phone earlier than when the counter opens.
  6. Yes the other person can as long as they give you a signed letter on their behalf
  7. You can also re-schedule a day for delivery when you will be home.
  8. Thanks All! I signed the postcard that came in the mail. Then I wrote a letter and include a pic of my driver's license authorizing someone else to pick up the package on my behalf. If that doesn't work, I will reschedule for Saturday delivery.
  9. OP, I've called a post office directly with my tracking number and asked them to hold a package for me longer than 14 days. If you're concerned they might send it back before you get a chance to get it you might try that, too.

    Good luck! :smile:
  10. Thank you all. My mom picked up the package for me today with no problem. I signed the slip and sent a note with a copy of my license and the post office took it without question.
  11. Glad to hear it worked out fine. :smile: