Package in Heathrow Worldwide DC

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  1. Hi - I sent a package to the US last Wednesday and the Royal Mail tracking is showing that it is still in the Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre awaiting processing for delivery.
    The item was sent via Royal Mail International Signed For Service (a 3 - 7 working day service) and usually the package reaches the US within a couple of anyone else experiencing this delay in packages to the US?
    Should I be worried and try to recall the package?
    thank you....
  2. I'm not familiar with how Royal Mail works, but even when I send things USPS International Express (3-5 days), it will show the package still at their Chicago hub until it gets processed at the destination country. International packages (even Express) have been really slow in going out lately, so I imagine that they're having similar delays with incoming parcels.
  3. Enter the tracking number on to see if it has been scanned as arrived in NY. Until it has been scanned in NY then I don't think the tracking will update.

    Whilst RM might advertise ISF as 3 to 7 days, that's actually a myth - it can be anywhere from 2 to 21 days in my experience and is US state dependant (with, it seems, TX being the slowest to arrive.)

    I don't think RM allow you to recall mail at all.
  4. ^ - hi. Yes, thanks, I've tried the USPS site as well and that still says post is being prepared by origin country.
    I've just never experienced a delay within the UK before, and wondered whether anyone else is experiencing or has experienced this sort of delay at the Distribution Centre.
  5. Sorry can't help. I sent a parcel early last week and it has arrived with the recipient already.

    If you ring RM then they generally have slightly more up-to-date information so they should be able to tell you whether it has left the UK or not and you can then go from there.
  6. thanks - I'll give them a ring tomorrow if there is no update.
  7. flipping 'eck
    I've just looked again and realised that all this time in big letters above the tracking number info was
    'Your item has reached the Destination country' What's going on? It thinks the item is coming into the UK???? It is VERY clearly labelled...
  8. I think it means the item would have reached the US. Again, I don't think it's going to update until it gets processed through the US sorting facility, but as someone else mentioned, you could call more details.
  9. yeah no point panicking yet. thanks.
  10. I am having the same issues! I have been waiting for a package now for over 3 weeks!!! It is in Heathrow Worldwide DC but that's all I get! I am getting very upset!
  11. Hi. Don't panic.

    Everything I send to the USA has that message saying "Origin Post is preparing shipment". I know for sure that items are in transit, because my postal service in Japan puts the message up saying that the "item has been despatched from the outgoing office of exchange", when it goes on the plane at 2:30 the next morning.

    On the USPS site, the origin post message stays until the item has gone through the first office in the USA and is on it's way through the system. So your item, as Iriscole said, is likely to be in the USA, but sitting at the first point.

    I am sure that this is just something to do with legal wording on postal liability between countries from the USA end.

    Good luck with it.