Package hasn't moved in 9 days?

  1. I'm getting a bit worried I bought an item on eBay from an international seller, they shipped it express, sent me the tracking number. I started tracking it the next day, it was recieved at post office, into foreign customs, out of foreign customs, then it says dispatched (i guess from the country), now it has not updated or moved since September 30th. It should have been here last week with express mail. The post office here hasnt had any answers for me, they can't track it any farther either, the seller has asked at her post office but the same thing, they can't track it any further either. Anyone ever had an international package just seem to dissappear?
  2. I had a package that was shipped to me from Singapore. I was able to track it when it was in Singapore, then two days later it was sent to the US and I got no updates for over a week. Then it sat in Customs, I did get that notification. All in all it took about a month to get to me.
    I was about to give up and file "not received" when it appeared at my house.

    So don't despair- it is probably on its way.
  3. Ditto thing happened to me...I mailed a package to Australia. It took only 2 days to leave the US, but then just sat and sat and sat. It took exactly 1 month to arrive at the customer. You can't put a trace on it for a few weeks and even then they are really slow to respond. Good Luck, I am sure it will turn up. It just seams that everyone is running slow lately!
  4. I guess it's due to the typhoons happening in Asia, if your seller/buyer is in Asia.
  5. How long does express international shipping usually take? Good luck, I hope you get your package soon!
  6. Express usually takes 5- 7 days depending on what country its from, usually if its somewhere in the UK I get it in 5 days, this is coming from australia and I have actually bought one other item from this same seller, last time it took 6 days to reach me.
  7. USPS International Express Mail time frame isn't guaranteed. They can estimate delivery time but each country's customs variables make it hard. They only offer a guarantee on certain areas and I believe it is extra.

    It is likely held up in customs and there is not much you can do.

    The only way to ensure that a package arrives with a certain time frame is USPS Global Express Guaranteed which goes through FedEx and they actually hand carry it through customs (seller has to fill out forms for them to do that).

    It is pricy but well worth the easy sleep I get when I use it! :hugs: it will be here soon!
  8. I sent a package from Canada to the US by Xpress and the darn package sat in customs for 3 weeks. I really thought they had lost it. Luckily the buyer was super patient.
  9. This is increasingly happenning with USPS - the status updates are hopeless too, and i often find i receive my packages when the status says that message about being notified the package has been received for shipping etc
  10. I have sent two packages from Canada to US in the past month - both took almost three weeks with no tracking updates. The packages arrives in the US within a day or two and then just sat.....

    One buyer was freaking out - NOT happy. The other was an angel and understood that I didn't have any control over it. Luckily, they both arrived but man was that stressful!
  11. OP any update?
  12. I sent a package to N.J. a few months ago Priority Mail, signature confirmation required and it got to a sorting facility in N.J. and never moved from there (still there as far as tracking is concerned). Why does PP only recognize on line tracking when the post office doesn't always do what was paid for?

    A couple of weeks later, I got an email from her sister in Sweden asking if she could send it back as it was not as described. I could never figure out how an item requiring a signature was delivered and then sent to Sweden as a gift without moving out of the sorting facility.

    I got it back, refunded the sister in N.J. and then got a letter from the company who brought it back from Sweden that I owed customs and delivery fees. Long story, but I am still fighting that one.
  13. No nothing tracking hasn't updated at all, it's like it just vanished. Usually express will update at each step saying, handed over to US customs, released from US customs etc, but from the tracking it looks like it left australia and has never arrived anywhere else. The last time it updated was Sept 30th, it shipped on 9/27. So frustrating, the only other time I had anything like this happen when the tracking just mysteriously stopped the package was lost and I never got it or a refund. If I lose a $329 item I will freak out. Anyone know Paypal's policy on this? The seller can prove she sent it but it doesnt arrive?

  14. My package was also stuck in NJ for 3 weeks.