Package from Paris *PICS*

  1. My Louis Vuitton Snow Globe has arrived just in time for the holidays! It's so nice IRL. I love it! :love:


  2. :wtf: :nuts: Oh WOW Michelle !!! Congrats!!! It's a beauty:love: and great pictures too.
  3. Lovely!:yahoo: Desperately wanting one of these.:nuts:
  4. it´s snow globe;)
  5. Congrats Michelle! It's gorgeous!
  6. isnt it great in real life...
  7. beautiful!:love:
  8. OMG.. did you get it??? did you ask your SA to get it?? so pretty..congrats!!!!
  9. My pictures don't do it any justice. Here's a close up from

  10. So pretty!
  11. That is stunning...congrats!
  12. its beautiful!! congrats! I really want one now that I have seen a couple from TPF, thanks for sharing!! and wow, all the way from paris and in perfect condition!! congrats
  13. One more from [​IMG]
  14. Mich!!! It looks great!!!! I can't wait to get my package tomorrow!!!! :graucho:

    Where are your goodies Karen packed along with the Snow Globe?
  15. I don't think my SA would have been able to get me this from Paris. I bought it from Karen. :smile:
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