Package from Japan stuck in customs.


Jun 4, 2014
I purchased an item for $159 on 7/16 and it was shipped on 7/19.

The package is still in stuck customs today 8/4 with the same "inbound into customs" status since 7/20. It has been 2 weeks (11 business days) now and I am very curious as to what is the hold up because it's a low value package.

I've called USPS last week and I was on hold for over an hr but they weren't able to help me because the package is stuck in customs and there's nothing they could do about that.

Today, I decided to look up the contact number for customs and was able to speak with someone.

This person told me that the tracking number for the package is not in his system of detained packages and that 2 weeks is way too long for any package to be stuck in customs. He concluded with there's nothing else he could tell me other than he have no idea where the package is.

USPS told me last week that it was normal for packages to sometimes be stuck in customs for up to 45 days.

According to this person that I spoke with from customs, the tracking shows "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" on top of the "Inbound Into Customs" on July/20 -- which in theory means that the package should've already cleared customs a couple of days after the "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment status". It then should've updated to processed at local sorting facility and then arrival to post office, out to delivery ect.

From what I can gather, this person is saying that customs should have already released the package because the tracking number does not appear on the list of detained packages in his system and that they don't know where it is now after it has been released. The package would've been on a post office truck off to its destination afterwards.

Does that mean customs are trying to say USPS lost it?

I've tried calling USPS again but they are having very high volume of calls and the automatic machine would not transfer me to any live person to help me. When I do get put on hold for transfer to a live person, the line would get disconnected.

Should continue waiting or open INR case? I don't want to open INR case because this is not the seller's fault.

I really don't want my money back I just want my item. :shucks:

Does anyone else have a similar experience or advice?
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