Package delayed in US customs...

  1. I shipped a package from Europe to the US 6 1/2 weeks ago. It usually take around 10 days for it to reach the recipient, but this time the package has been stuck in customs for 5 1/2 weeks! Has anyone else had this happen? How long did it take for customs to release the package? I did expect it to take up to 4 weeks, but this is getting ridiculous :s

    Any input is appreciated :flowers:
  2. This is very strange. The longest wait I ever known was 21 days. Did the buyer received a letter from customs? Also what carrier did you used?
  3. Did you call them?
  4. Maybe the customer received a note and never went to pick up from customs...
  5. I used my local post office, we don't have multiple carriers to chose from here.

    call the US customs? no. I'm in Europe, so I'll rather contact my post office here and have them look into it. Do you think I should, have I waited long enough? :s

    Is that how it works? Because usually when I track a package, it enters the country, goes through customs, then is delivered to the recipient. I *think* the tracking says when the package is released from customs? Also, is there any chance that the recipient did receive the package and someone just forgot to update the tracking info? (I don't know anything about the recipient hearing from customs) The last time I went to pick up a package here, the post office told me they hadn't received it yet (in spite of me getting a slip telling me to pick it up) but then after a while, they found it, they'd just forgotten to update the info. But this was here, in Europe. I'm finding this whole thing rather strange :s
  6. well I am in Uk but the last time customs required a payment on one of mine from US, the courier sent me a card saying I had a few weeks to go in and pay the customs charge, or to phone. I phoned and paid the charge with my CC over the phone and it was delivered the next day. they will not release without payment. i presume this is how it works in US too, perhaps someone in US could confirm that please?
  7. that's how it works when I have to pay a customs fee here too, but I think the value limit in the US is so high that the recipient shouldn't have to pay a customs fee ? :shrugs:The contents of the package isn't very high value, and it was marked as a gift. I've sent huge packages with expensive items before and a customs fee didn't incur.
  8. well in uk customs is random, sometimes you pay, sometimes you dont.
    maybe this one is not in customs but at a sorting centre. But you did say it is in customs. If you contact the courier you used to post it they may be able to tell you which courier they partner with in US and you perhaps could contact them directly. Did you have a tracking number?
  9. yes, I have a tracking number, and it says that it's 'inbound into customs - Your item is being processed by United States Customs. No further information is available for this item.' It has said the exact same thing for 5 1/2 weeks now, there has been no updates.I can track the package on the USPS website as well as on my local post office's website, so it's safe to assume it's being delivered by USPS in the US. :s

    edit: if the package did incur a customs fee, wouldn't the recipient have been given a time limit to pay? I did check a box on the customs form requesting that the package be returned to me in case of non-delivery, so if that were the case, wouldn't the package be returned to me soon? :shrugs:
  10. Can you contact the courier or even customs directly? This is too long.
  11. I'm in Europe and don't really know how to contact US customs directly, but I can contact my local post office and see what they say. thanks :flowers:
  12. Yes find out how long it would need to be before ytou can claim insurance. I am sure if you are able to claim in this time frame the package will reappear..
  13. eep, I wrote that the package was worth $50 on the customs form, since I wasn't sure how much the limit is in the US and I didn't want the recipient to have to pay custom fees :s

    note to self: not a good idea :p:s
  14. Not sure how much it was worth but customs charges are recipients responsibility and if you declare less they would get less back from insurance....
  15. I had someone ship a package to me in the USA from overseas a few months ago. My package got delayed in customs, but I (the recipient) called customs and had to provide some information to them before they would release the package (it was a random thing apparently). I do believe that your recipient here is the USA is the one who should be taking care of this.