package arrived postage due...

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  1. Have you ever ordered something off ebay, had it delivered postage due even though you KNOW they charged you enough to ship the item to you?? I ordered a pair of CL's and they arrived postage due because the seller used a flat one pound rate and the package was heavier than that. I dropped a line to the seller but have yet to hear anything (it's been 2 days.) Would you leave negative or neutral feedback? I hate being *****y but this really upset me...
  2. This has never happened to me! Usually the PO weighs it and tells me how much postage is. How much did you pay the seller for postage? What is the $ difference?
  3. I wouldnt leave feedback yet. Give her a little more time to respond, I would ask her though to reimburse you for the "postage due" Even if it cost her more than what you paid for shipping she agreed to ship for that price. I think sometimes sellers try to get away with putting a lower weight on things to save on postage fees. But it could have been an honest mistake. Maybe send her another email stating that you had sent one 2 days ago and your wondering if she received it? I know it would tick me off too!
  4. Maybe it was an honest mistake, I would give her the opportunity to reimburse you the postage before leaving negative feedback. If you've already paid the shipped stated in the auction and she refuses to reimburse you then I would consider it.

    I'm not saying your seller did this but working at the PO I can tell you there are Ebay sellers out there that try to get away with using a lesser weight when they print postage online, so they can pay less. We check every package that comes through with a click and ship label for this very reason.

  5. I think that's exactly what happened, the label was printed and paid for at the seller's home for the one pound rate. It was like $3 postage due. I have to wonder though because the package was shipped Priority from the next state over and I'd paid $12 for shipping. It's been awhile since I've shipped something priority but I would have thought that one pair of shoes would have been well taken care of with $12.

    I'm really hoping it was an honest mistake though because the shoebox was tied with a nice ribbon and a card asking if there were any problems to contact before leaving negative feedback. Not like they threw it in a Capri Sun box that was reinforced with packing tape and swathed in tissue paper...yes, I had a pair of shoes delivered to me that way once!! >:sad:
  6. $12 should definitely be enough.
  7. Send a photo of the label to the seller. Check your paypal transaction page to see if her e-mail address is there.
  8. This happened to me a few months back, I contacted the seller who requested a pic of the postage due label and then refunded my straight away.

    Yes, hold off with the feedback for another day or so , if the seller refuses to co-operate then leave a...neutral ? providing the shoes were ok.
  9. $12 might not cover it depending how expensive the shoes were/insurance/how heavy the box was. this was probably an honest mistake but i'm surprised the post office delivered the shoes to you. i had something similar happen to me recently where i weighed it and printed out the postage at my house but my scale was off :/ they sent it back to me and i paid at the post office for the extra postage.
  10. And this is a 3 day holiday for some so you may want to give her until Tues or Wed.
  11. At the PO if we spot the discrepancy at the sender's home post office we will return to them to add postage, if it's spotted at the delivery destination we'll deliver it postage due.

  12. Something I have noticed is that the accuracy of the scales at the APC seem to vary by location. They can be off as little as an ounce, but that's all it takes for the package to arrive postage due or returned as insufficient postage. It's best to round the weight up...never down!
  13. I've never had anything come postage due, but often times I see it cost less to ship than the listed shipping charges, so I just assume that the extra went toward a handling fee. I'm glad you were able to get your purchase, even though you had to pay for postage due. At least the package didn't go missing because of insufficient postage. Mention it to the seller, and if they don't offer you compensation, ding the shipping feedback, unless you might want to buy from this seller again. Enjoy the shoes.
  14. Paypal gives a very slight discount for Priority and Express postage printed on line. So the calculator might show one amount and the actual costage might be a bit less. Not much but a bit.