Packable nylon tote

  1. I'm going to buy this bag, cannot choose the colour: Birch, Winter Clarnet and Black - all seem great to me.

    BTW, i noticed a new model of this bag at Saks - Monotone Check Nylon tote. What do you think?
  2. ^Tough decision! The Winter Clarnet is pretty nice. The Monotone Check Nylon is new and pretty cool. I'm not crazy about the birch color, and as for black - well, that would go with anything and everything.

    I vote for Winter clarnet or monotone check. Good luck!
  3. Thank you, ACS!
  4. I have the winter claret and love it. I like the Monotone Check but for me the color of the winter claret it great b/c of how much I use it the darker colors are better.
  5. I was considering getting the Monotone Check tote myself. I love monochromatic colors and that tote is GORGEOUS!! I think it would be a great year round bag.

  6. The Burberry at my mall doesn't carry the packable tote and insists I pay and order it!!! But, I would like somebody to model it first if you could =) I'm interested in buying either the large or small so if you could model either I would greatly appreciate it!! :heart: Yay for being Burberry lovers!

  7. I dont think you should worry! I've had my prada messenger bag since high school filled with my textbooks and it hasn't torn! I trust Burberry to be the same quality!
  8. Thanks for the reassurance. I just feel that the vinyl and lining are so THIN on this. I guess I'm used to thicker canvas bags.
  9. where did you buy this tote? I was going to buy it at Saks, but they took out their Spring line now. Please let me know! =) I love the purple check!
  10. So I have been wanting this packable tote for a long time. The first time I saw them was in the Duty Free store at the LAX airport. I couldn't by it tho cause I wasn't the one flying so if I had bought it, the bag would had gone with my aunt and uncle who were going back to their destination. So yeah I was making sure that i would find the bag at different stores. I searched for awhile and never found it until I went to SCP yesterday and saw it at Saks. I was so happy they had them and so I ended up buying the Large check tote in royal purple and man do I love it!


    Gosh I love the color so much. It's soo pretty! Haven't used it yet and am planning on using it when going to Disneyland this Tuesday!
  11. Congrats Stephid! The packable tote is such a go-to bag!
  12. I got the bigger one but paid $195 (which bloomies says was the price of the smaller one)..who knows.

    Anyway, I have a damier neverfull for work, but it has an open top and the weather hasn't been great..this bag is perfect for lugging stuff around and it has a zip closure. Like it a lot.
  13. Wow that's a really nice color!! I've only seen the solid colors...

  14. That's a nice color, congratulations!
  15. hi everyone,

    I'm desperately looking for the small packable tonal check drawstring tote bag in that monochromatic black! I am absolutely in love with it but I can't seem to find it anywhere!!! :crybaby::cry::sad: Do any of you know where I can get it? Please helppp