Packable nylon tote

  1. I bought the black one, it comes in two sizes, check out the Burberry site for more styles/colors. Not sure how durable it is to Longchamp totes?
  2. This is my first time posting here. I always post on LV board. I currently carry the LV Neverfull MM and while she is practical and comfortable, I am over her! (For now!) I wanted something similar (love totes) and looked at a $770 Prada tote....but when I saw this, I loved it! I think I am going to get one in black and maybe jazz it up with an LV scarf.
  3. Just wondering for the people who already has one, does the bag sags when you put stuff in it or does it stay in its shape?

  4. ^ wondering the same thing about if it keeps it's shape.
  5. they will sag there is nothing to help keep its shape
  6. I bought the small sized one in Birch as a gift for my sister a few weeks ago when it first appeared. She absolutely loves it and claims it's the perfect day bag to fit all her books, trinkets, and all the other things she feels necessary to carry around.

    I'm even thinking of getting the small one myself in Charcoal just as an everyday use tote when there's no need to carry around a briefcase or a messenger.

    Fine, so it's really just a nylon bag. But (and maybe I'm reaching here), there's also some leather trimming, and of course, the Burberry logo. And really, I think it's just a simple, chic looking tote!
  7. is the nylon material similiar to longchamp's or le sportsac's? im wondering if it's sturdy and worth the price.

    btw, the small one is also available in red and lilac.
  8. My SA at Nordie's told me that the bag WAS reversible. It doesn't seem that it should be... Does anyone know for sure? And she said that someone bought one and returned because the bag was really tall, like 4 inches taller than my botkier gladiator tote. true?
  9. I think it's pretty sturdy - reminds me of the Prada nylons.

    If you reverse it, the zipper would be upside down making it hard to zip the bag unless you leave it unzipped. It is a really long/big bag. I have the small one and am 5 feet and the bag is pretty huge on me. I like it though; it's my throw around bag.

    I got the black one for $80 at the Bloomies sale so I thought it was well worth it for a Burberry nylon tote. I paid $300 for the Prada nylon messenger bag!
  10. ^ that's a good deal ACS, now if only I could get it for that price, I'd totally pick one up!
  11. I passed on it.. now I regret it ! Argh !
  12. i would go for longchamp for a tote instead.
    the nova check falls apart really easily. ):
  13. I don't think the bag is reversible, it might look a little weird cause of the zipper. The fabric is different from longchamp, longchamp is a bit heavier. It's sorta like lesportsac fabric but more lined and a teensy bit heavier. It's a nice bag and great price for burberry.
  14. I got the Large Royal Purple Check over the weekend and I love it!!:heart: I can't rave enough about how roomy and comfy this tote is to carry! The Royal Purple is GORGEOUS IRL!


    Burberry Tote 016.JPG Burberry Tote 011.JPG
  15. I also have it in Winter Claret and love it! I have had it for about a month and also have the small pouch that matches it. It is a great bag for everyday errands or running around with the kids. I don't have to worry about putting it on the ground at the park or in the shopping basket at the grocery store plus it is big enough to carry everything I need (and want) to carry for me and the kids. I think it is a great burberry bag at an even better price. :biggrin: