Packable nylon tote

  1. has anyone found any good deals on the packable nylon tote lately? I havent seen any discounted. Do they have them at the burberry outlets? If so, how much?
  2. I have been looking for them too. I want in in the grape purple color but I might have to buy normal retail. :p
  3. Please let me know where i can find the CHECK Nylon Tote in BLACK (the Checked one please), thanks thanks thanks
  4. I saw the black nylon checked bag at the Burberry outlet in sawgrass mills mall in sunrise, Fl
  5. I want to get this bag but I don't know if it's worth to buy.
  6. I have a question here... Do you guys know where is the serial no. for this burberry packable nylon tote.? The serial no. Is behind the 'Made in China' leather tag or printed on Else where?
  7. It was a couple of years back when I saw these nylon totes at my local Burberry boutique. I wanted to get one, but there were only plain colors available, and the size was a little big for my small frame.

    Then today I researched here in tPF and learned there's an S, even an XS size available! And in check patterns too.:smile: Now, that desire to get one has been lit again!:graucho: I was wondering if there's anyone from London or Singapore here? Or just been in London/Singapore these past days/weeks and have seen S or XS in check patterns in the Burberry shops there. I could ask a friend to get one for me. But before I do, I want to know if there are nylon totes being sold now there.

    Hope somebody can help if it isn't too much trouble.

  8. I am using the bigger size
    which only comes in BLACK

    but the size really put a lot thingsssssss.......:p
    IMG_6311JPG_effected.jpg IMG_6319JPG_effected.jpg
  9. I have the XS in red and can use it as a purse. I am very petite, but it does not overwhelm me. The S is still a large tote bag and there was no way I can use it as a big. It would look silly. They had the XS a few years ago at the outlet near me, but now they only have the S. I wish I had also purchased the XS in black!
  10. Hi,

    Does anyone know if there is a replica buckleigh tote? I purchased one on eBay from someone in Dublin, Ireland and she was offended when I questioned her on its authenticity because the material differed from the ones I have. (I love it and since they no longer sell it, I am just trying to grab as many as I can!!) I noticed she has sold 4 (possibly more?) and am wondering more about its authenticity than before!!

    Thanks for any help!!