Pacific Parachute & Handle Softening

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  1. When I posted my NLG parachute, a number of people asked about the handles. I found a way to soften them up very quickly. (There should be a fourth photo where I bend the handles down to the top of the bag but I can't find it) Basically, I just worked them up and down repeatedly while I watched TV. Anyway, this worked well and the gray handles are now comfortable. (Blue parachute to follow in next post....)

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  2. that I have slid down the slippery parachute slope, I added one in Pacific. I have never gotten over missing my chance at indigo and I think Pacific is a great denim blue. The first photo was taken in the car with the bag against my faded jeans. The second photo was taken inside and the third was taken outside. I also got a Pacific lanyard (not shown) because....well...why not?!

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  3. That is one beautiful blue bag...😊
    Again a perfect choice of colour and style!
  4. That blue is perfect. Good to know the handles soften......has to be more comfortable now.
  5. I have been waiting for several years for a blue that works for me. I was beginning to wonder if it would surface. I am thrilled with this bag! And, yes, the handles are great when they are softened..... But I've gotta go pack for Ban Island now.....
  6. Pacific looks fantastic in the Parachute! ANOTHER great addition.
  7. Thanks! It's definitely a keeper.
  8. Pacific is such a perfect addition. So, where does she reside on the tote shelf?
  9. Well....there's currently no room. I came home yesterday and realized that I will have to make some changes in there. So....if I decide to put her away, one of the other totes will have to come out to play. I think I can add a shelf in the next vertical section of the closet. Either that or a stack of spring sweaters will be orphaned and their space confiscated. Boy...would I love a big closet!
  10. Congratulations! I know how much you like Pacific. I went to South Coast Plaza and looked at the Pacific parachute yesterday but I think I still prefer Tourmaline for myself. So glad to read about how to soften the handles. I think the tourmaline parachute will be next up on the hit list.
  11. I've been thinking tourmaline too! I had a large Veneta but rehomed it and like the parachute have been regretting it. A tourmaline parachute might be the best of both worlds!
  12. I am thrilled with the Pacific color. It's been such a long wait. I am hoping these two parachutes are sufficient to take care of my BV hunger for at least six months.....a year would be even better.
  13. You are killing me with these fantastic recent reveals!

    Oh Pacific--I can see why this bag came home with you. I keep going back to the photos you posted--I am going to have to see what crossbodies they have in this color.
  14. I knew I wanted a bag in Pacific as soon as I saw the wallet that came out first. I reserved a parachute in Pacific but it wasn't due in until sometime between mid-April and the end of May. I figured that I would end up with a NLG one also, so I went ahead and got that one. Then the Pacific arrived a week later. I thought I had a month leeway in between the purchases but it was not to be. But I'm thrilled and now feel like I'm covered. I would recommend Pacific to anyone who has any denim in their wardrobe.....or who needs a fairly neutral blue.

    I think Pacific would be great in a pillow bag, but UPS doesn't deliver to Ban Island....
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  15. Wow! It cannot get better than that, to find a style that works and a color that you absolutely adore. I love blue, wear a lot of it and Pacific just looks so vibrant and cheery. Congrats Diane, I am very happy for you... though I can hear those Pillows murmuring their displeasure. Uh Oh.