Pac-Man for the holidays

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  1. Made a rare outlet trip yesterday. I asked the store manager about the Disney line. She didn't say too much about it, but said Coach is doing Pac-Man "for the holidays."

    That was a new one on me! She it will be outlet and full retail. She said she wasn't there when they showed sample pieces.

    That seems like such a strange choice to me. Anyone know about this?

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  2. #2 Apr 10, 2016
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    Hmmm. I know nothing about this, but I do love Pac-Man. Seems a little odd, but who knows lol.
  3. Weird, but I would love to see it.
  4. Pac-Man for Christmas? That is AWESOME!!
  5. Ms. Pac Man, hopefully. Everyone knows Ms. Pac Man was a way better game!
  6. :tup:
  7. So true. I could play that game for hours. :smile:
  8. Pac man lol.

    Well that wins the prize for different. Frankly, i would like Winnie the pooh better...
  9. I loved Pac man and it might be fun. Winnie the Pooh would be fun and adorable! !
  10. Interesting, I can't wait to see what they come out with! I would love to get something from this line!
  11. HELLO KITTY and I'd be over the moon...BUT...I love MS. PAC-MAN as well.
  12. Being that M&Ms are celebrating their 75th anniversary also, a Coach collaboration might have been interesting, at the least very colorful.

  13. +1
  14. Ohhhh....that yellow M&M is hilarious!
  15. What's the deal with all these characters? Is Wonder Woman next? Coach needs to reel this in and make classic timeless pieces.