* Pa/nj/ny/ct/ma * Tpf Meet*

  1. :yes:Just wondering if there's any interest in a Northeastern TPFers get together? Maybe for dinner, cocktails, perhaps near Woodbury Commons Outlets (NY), Philadelphia Outlets or even somewhere in NYC? (Rockefeller's so pretty at Chrismastime!) I'm open to suggestions, but I'm thinking maybe sometime in December...
  2. Ohhhh I would love that!! I live in MA so maybe we could comprimise on a location, but I have been trying to set-up a meet on Newbury Street in Boston for the longest time!!

    I hope more people respond, I would love to!!
  3. Let's wait and see then!
  4. good idea!
  5. that would me great. i'm from north jersey and about 25-30minutes of a train ride from NYC. pls keep me updated :smile:
  6. I'm up for the meet! But would probably have to do it on a fri, sat or sun.

    NJ/PA/NY works well for me!

    Erm but i look hideous right now... my face is breaking out like a crater... I don't want to meet you gals looking ugly!!! =P
  7. I would love to go, but it would have to be on a Saturday or Sunday.
  8. Saturdays or Sundays work best for me too...I would have to take the train from MA so I would have to leave early but I would totally do it just to be in NYC for the day or weekend to do some shopping with the fab. tpf girls!

    Lets doooo it!
  9. I'm in!
  10. Count me in! I would love to meet NE TPFers! I was bummed to miss Jenskar's NYC meet in August, but hope to meet up with you guys soon!
  11. good idea!!

    i live in north jersey..
    woodbury commons vicinity sounds good so we can shop before or after the meet and greet :smile:
  12. Ok we need to def. set this up then!! Now that the holiday is over we can concentrate! Are we thinking before the next holiday or after?? Probably after so we can all spend out Xmas money right?! Let's plan!
  13. I'm in for a weekend!! We could attempt before the holidays (since we all know we need to do more shopping) although it's always swamped in stores this time of year..
  14. Is there anyway we could meet closer to CT...I live in MA and it would be a 4 hour drive for me at least to get to the city...If we can't I will certainly make the sacrafice to go to NYC, I guess I could always check the train too.

    We need to make some decisions ladies!!
  15. Looks like the majority's up for a meeting on a Sat. or Sun. and either NYC or Woodbury commons. Note which place you prefer, or if you have no particular preference. As for dates, check your calendars for availabillity and rate the following choices from best (1) to worst (5):

    a. Sat., 12/15
    b. Sun., 12/16
    c. Sat., 12/22
    d. Sat., 1/5
    e. Sun., 1/6 (last day tree will be up)

    * GyrlLayney: I prefer Woodbury, but NYC's ok. All dates open for me so far!
    * Princessaj0603
    * Slc
    * Bubbleliciousis
    * CTgrl414
    * Gr8heart
    * Ltwuelfing
    * Babestaaa
    * Janos614