P07/610?? Serial Tag

  1. This is the number sequence on the tag inside my Patchwork Bowler.
    Does the "P" mean that it was Pre-Fall?
    I've never seen a "P" before in front of the year before

    (besides, I thought that this series - the Patchwork Bowler, Lou, Innes - was from the Fall/Winter line?
  2. Technically, based on the style number, it's from the Fall line. I've seen black PW stams and bordeaux PW stams with that serial tag too. It could be pre-fall... we were discussed it a bit in the auth thread. MJ also had tags last year that said PERM 610. Not sure if it's related. I know for certain that bordeaux PW stams were available before memorial day, so perhaps it could mean pre-fall.
  3. Based on what you said about PW Stams and considering this is a Patchwork Bowler, maybe the "P" means "Patchwork"???
  4. I thought about that too... honestly, there's no way to know, except to maybe email MJ or ask a MJ SA. There's no obvious answer for that P.