p.s. what about the napa spring bag?

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  1. just looking for opinions of this bag as well!
  2. i just ordered the napa spring bag from NM...should arrive by wednesday! can't wait to get it!!!
  3. Pics???
  4. Miu Miu Napa Spring Bag - Neiman Marcus
    here's the picture from the Neiman Marcus website...it's supposed to arrive either tues or wed...what do you think? this is the 2nd time for me on the prada/miu miu forum! thanks for responding!
  5. I think its an adorable bag!AND a great price!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thanks, jill! i hope i love it...wasn't able to see it irl...wish my dh agreed with you that 860.00 was a good price for a bag...he still doesn't "get it"!!!!
  7. ^LOL! i know how u feel!
    Post pics when u get it!Cant wait to see it!
  8. i like this bag a lot. i got the larger version of it. hope you love it. :smile:
  9. I love the looks of that bag and have had an eye on it for a while now. Unfortunately our NM is small and doesn't carry Miu Miu. I've been reluctant to order it basically sight unseen. Can't wait to see your pics!
  10. hey prada psycho...will get pics on puter as soon as she arrives...thanks for the positive feedback, all!!! i'm excited to get my first miu miu...i've owned quite a few prada and am looking forward to getting this one!!!
  11. I have had my eye on this bag too. Would love to see pics.
  12. I've seen this lovely Miu Miu in Barneys, NYC and it's just beautiful! Saw it in a light camel and dark brown -- love it! Very soft and the size is great. I hope you love it and can't wait to see your pics!