P. Off....My fendi spy

  1. Hi girls

    I bought my fendi spy form the new york store....I have not worn it yet....I absolutely love it - I kinda feel its a little big for me....

    anyways....I am .p.o...cuz someone accused me of having a fake bag....

    here are pics....your thoughts please...why would one think this is fake.....totally annoys me......:mad: :mad:

    I have original receipts.....dustbag....and SA name from whom I bought it...

  2. You havent worn it out yet? Did someone in your family accuse you of having a fake then? Dont let them get to you guccigoo, maybe theyre just ignorant and didnt think it came in those colors. . .? Shake 'em off honey, some people dont know when to keep their mouths closed, whoever it was was probably just jealous. I love yours by the way, brown is my favorite color and the interior is pretty.
  3. aw guccigoo, who said that about your bag? i know you're listing and i know you have other authentic bags. did you decide to sell this one because it's too big? that was my concern when i tried on the bag too. it looked really huge on me:Push: anyway, hope you feel better and hope someone buys it soon :flowers:
  4. You should just be confident of your bag and not worry about what other people have got to say about it (esp if they don't own a spy themselves). As long as you KNOW that your bag is genuine, no one else can say anything else about it that matters.
  5. That's your bag guccigoo?? I have one in my ebay watch-not sure if it is yours. I sold mine to a pf member and miss it terribly!! I'm glad to know it's a pf gal selling it if it's the one I'm thinking about! Don't feel bad about what was said. I've bought and sold bags on ebay and unfortunately all the dishonest people out there make it harder for the honest folks! Maybe it was just the lighting-that and ebay paranoia that makes people skeptical.;)
  6. Totally agree with TammyD!
  7. I agree with TammyD also! You know it is real, you spent your hard earned money, so enjoy every bit of that bag! The next time someone accuses you of carrying a fake bag, ask them if they would like to see the original receipt??? :censor:
  8. thanks girls...I feel better...you are so right...best to take the high road and walk away...

    PGN - thats not my bag on ebay. I have just been selling on other style forums.

    nat_attak - knows me from another forum cuz I listed it there.

    Yes I am selling cuz its a little too big for me. I am 5ft and scrawny...so the bag looks somewhat big on me...
    I am trying to sell this one so I can buy a smaller fendi....
  9. Aww, I love that spy.. Which brown is it? Cognac or Chocolate? I love how the handles look, they dont look like they normally do. I WANT A SPY!!!!.. i want that spy ;[
  10. we do not permit any buying or selling here.
  11. I find that alot of people will easily and freely fly off the handles and start screaming 'fake!" because either 1. they are upset that they don't have one or 2. are just mis-informed on authenticity.

    as long as you know where it came from, who cares what anyone else has to say??
  12. thanks for kind words monablu. I think the person was mis-informed since they do not own a fendi spy...still the ignorance just really peeved me off....but I am doing great now.
  13. I hope you take that baby out for a spin SOON!!! IT'S GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  14. I decided to carry this bag today....to a fashion show in LA. I could not believe how many people walked up to me to touch and feel and look at my bag.....and I got tons of compliments....sure made me smile....think I will be keeping it...

    and again, thanks to all of you who shared kind words when I was feeling down.....
  15. its a lovely bag and you should be using it. dont worry about what other people are thinking or saying, you know its real, thats the main thing! congratulastins!