P.O'd at Best Offer-er... what should I do???

  1. So I have a bag up for auction (I rarely do this), but decided that I need the cash. I received an offer for an acceptable amount, but was waiting for a few days to insure that a better offer was not going to be submitted.

    The problem? Well, I was going to accept the offer this evening, but just got an email from the bidder asking that I CANCEL her offer! She expects me to cancel a transaction and leave me out money for listing fees (if I do not get another equivalent/better offer)?? WTF?

    Sooo... has anyone run into this before? What did you do? I am thinking about sending a message saying that I can not refuse her offer as I will be out the eBay fees if I do. This is my 2nd listing so I pay the fees for it 2X if it does not sell. Do you think I should do this?
  2. the best thing you can do is NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER, the buyer already told you she don't want the item any longer and if you accept it , you will have final value fees, you'll need to open a dispute fot npb and laast they can leave you a - FB.
  3. People cancel bids all the time. It's just an unfortunate fact of life on eBay. You can't make someone pay you, so you just as well cancel the bid.
  4. she may have figured that you weren,t interested and moved on ...when it happens to me...i just cancel their bid as requested....
  5. If you waited a few days without responding to her, she probably was no longer interested...I would just cancel the bid to avoid further issues that could come up.
  6. I would just decline the offer, it isn't worth the hassle.
  7. Thank you all for your advice. I just replied to the person's message with the following:

    "Hi there,

    Thank you for your interest in my item. I was waiting until tonight to confirm the sale to you - you should have NOT have received any emails from me before this one.

    Please let me point out that your offer is a binding contract that ties you to the purchase of an item if the seller agrees to the price offered. I was going to agree to the price you offered (of $150), but now you say you have changed your mind. If no one else proposes an offer on my item I will be out the eBay fees - my loss - no loss to you. I just want to clarify this process and will advise you to please not make offers in the future you are not sure of. This withdrawal has really disappointed me. Please reply to confirm your preference for me to DENY your offer of $150."
  8. Happens all the time. And she can cancel her offer anytime. It's a PITA but you can.
  9. Really?? A person can cancel their own offer??! I just learned something! Thanks!
  10. I have learned to make a decision right away when it comes to "Best Offer". More offer than not I get too low of an offer and I politely respond with "Thanks for your offer, however it is a bit low" then submit a couter offer. If I have received an offer that I find acceptable, I will confirm right away and get an invoice sent off to the buyer.
  11. I think this is best practice too.
  12. lol its not really that big of a deal... you can get your eBay fees back through eBay. Just file a dispute and tell her that either she needs to pay the fees or you will file a claim through ebay to get them back.
  13. surely, there is no transaction if the offer was not accepted? and whos to say you won't get another before the item ends?
  14. ^ I was thinking the same thing...? Or is it just that she's made an offer and withdrawn it before you had the chance to accept/decline it?
  15. The offer was not accepted by the seller, so there is no binding agreement. Unfortunately this is what can happen when an offer is left pending and not responded to quickly. It's possible that the potential buyer found another bag elsewhere in the meantime and perhaps that's why she's asked the seller to cancel her offer. The moral of the story is accept an offer quickly if you want to secure a deal.

    asark, don't lose hope, there could be another buyer in the wings.