P.M. or G.M. inclusion bracelet?

  1. I have seen pictures of this bracelet here on the P.F. and not in R.L.

    I have to order.

    Which size is best for a small boned, only 5 ft. 5 in. person.

    Any opionions would be great, I don't want to overdo the size?

    :s :shame: :sad: :girlsigh:
  2. PM.. GM is too bulky and heavy IMO
  3. I love GM! they are meant to be bold, so I always go for the GM :yes:
  4. pm is so much nices - its more dainty
  5. Hi, I am 5'5" and had wanted the GM but it only comes in one size. I ended up getting the PM for petite wrists and I am in love! Good luck!
  6. It depends on the color for me. Can you go into the boutique and try them on? I got the PM & GM in pomme and black, but elected to stay with the PM in grey.
  7. I have very, very tiny bones. I have two PM's (one black, one beige) - but even they fall off with my hands by my side :sad: I love the GM's, but there's just not way - and the sound they make when they hit the ground .. doh! :push:
  8. I stick to the PM's but I have the gray GM and I must say, I do like it. The GM is pretty heavy though and tends to get a bit bulky, so I'd say get the PM.
  9. G.M. I think it shows off the bracelet more - but I tend to like more cuff like pieces than those that are more bangles (if that makes sense) If I wear a PM I always feel I need to wear two . . .
  10. I love my transparent PM. It's my only inclusion piece, and if I get another it would be a PM. Go to a boutique and you'll get to try them on. I had planned on getting the pomme until I tried them both on. Good luck!
  11. I like both and agree with someone else's comment about depending on the color. Is it possible for you to order both and return the one you don't want?
  12. I tried both the PM and GM on when I bought the grey and the GM is nice but very bulky and on my small wrists looked rather silly IMO.
  13. Since you say your small boned than I'd suggest the PM for you because the GM is rather big.
  14. :yes::yes::yes:
  15. Thank you so much everyone for your help.

    Am still a little confused because I love big 'important' jewellery, but don't want to look ridiculous either.

    I guess, in all honesty I will have to make the drive to the L.V. store, but the closest one is three hours away, depending on traffic.

    Thanks again for your help

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